Kesha Rogers Wins: Obama and Wall Street Lose!

March 5, 2014

LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers will be facing a runoff in the Texas Democratic Senate race against millionaire Republican turned Obama loyalist, David Alameel. Rogers gained international recognition as the African-American Senate candidate calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. One week before the March 4th primary, Kesha Rogers was ahead of Alameel by 8% in the polls, leading the Texas Democratic party into a frenzied mobilization to slander and defeat Rogers. Now, despite her opponent spending $3.5 million of his own money and benefiting from an unknown sum from Obama and Democratic Party operatives, Rogers will face Alameel in the May 27th runoff election.

By the official close of the polls, Kesha Rogers was in second place with 21.7% and over 110,000 votes. However, the overall voter turnout was incredibly low with only 3.72% of registered voters going to the polls. Additionally, last night the Associated Press, in a “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment, fraudulently called the primary for Alameel. After realizing their error, they reported that “a county’s results had been miscounted.” The Kesha Rogers campaign contacted AP but could not verify which county had been miscounted, or which county would have had so many votes to put Alameel over 50%. Asked for his remarks on the primary election results, Lyndon LaRouche stated, “Apparently there was a systematic attempted fraud. They tried to apparently pull off fraud against the Kesha Rogers vote.”

When Kesha Rogers was reached for her remarks, she stated that her campaign had gained a clear victory:

“We have done our job and that was to change subject of the political discussion. That is just what we did. We made the impeachment of Obama the dominant subject. Now we have to finish the job. Obama must be impeached now.”

Kesha Rogers continued by elaborating her policy platform, saying:

“It is important that at this time that we look forward to the building of the future. We need to address the crisis of a devastating drought hitting Texas and California. The plan, is to transform the nation with a Texas-California alliance with my campaign, and Michael Steger’s campaign for U.S. Congress in California, in the development of the North American Water & Power Alliance.”

With the runoff election upcoming on May 27th, Rogers noted, “A lot can happen in 11 weeks that can easily turn the vote in our favor. We have already gained a victory over Wall Street, Obama and the Democratic party.” Rogers said that despite all of their efforts to spend millions of dollar to defeat her, the victory in Texas shows that you don’t have to have a lot of money to make an impact.

“What my campaign accomplished so far is opening the door to many other people who want to see a real change—for them to step up to the plate. We now have to issue a final crushing defeat for Wall Street and Obama. It’s time for impeachment. It’s Glass-Steagall time.”