How You Can Help Donald Trump Defeat the Coup and Prevent a Hunger Holocaust - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

October 15, 2020

How You Can Help Donald Trump Defeat the Coup and Prevent a Hunger Holocaust - LaRouchePAC Fireside

Live every Thursday at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific - COVID and its accompanying shutdowns has disproportionately attacked the world’s poorest populations, especially in parts of Africa already ravaged by imperial resource wars, deliberate underdevelopment, and unrestrained locust plagues. The shutdowns have hindered the delivery of food and medical care, creating the probability that more people will die of the economic consequences of COVID than the disease itself. David Beasley, Director of the UN World Food Program and a long-time supporter of Donald Trump, told an audience in Rome Tuesday that 7 million people have died of hunger this year. This figure could increase by “3, 4, 5 times or more” -- a holocaust.

In the United States, the coup against the President continues, now with outright censorship and violent threats against anyone trying to expose it, support the President, or expose what a Kamala Harris administration would mean. The censorship of the New York Post on Tuesday is a red line. Are we a Republic, devoted to free speech and thought, or a fascist totalitarian state with a smiley face? Speaker Pelosi is holding any type of urgent aid to America’s poorest hostage, with the idea that suburban moms are stupid and will blame Donald Trump.

Beasley noted that there are 2,000 or more billionaires in the world, who hold a combined net worth of $8 trillion, which could be donated to the WFP. Instead, we note, many of these billionaires, such as Eric Schmidt, Mike Bloomberg, and Bill Gates, are singularly devoted to a criminal multi-billion dollar vote buying scheme to defeat Donald Trump and are personally satanic Malthusians, throwing crumbs at Africa while virtue signaling to all around.

None of this is necessary or fixed. It is a question of human will and it can change instantly. Join us for tonight’s discussion.