Americans Must Think Strategically, Or Prepare for President Harris

October 13, 2020

Americans Must Think Strategically, Or Prepare for President Harris

With three weeks to the election, the potential to finally break the U.S. out from under a globalized dictatorship run by City of London and Wall Street controlled War Hawks and Neo-liberals is greater than ever—providing that the American people act. LaRouchePAC has been out front in exposing who is behind the coup attempt against President Trump, and why they are doing it. President Trump has now demanded full exposure of them, through public release of declassified documents. Join us—and the President—to end the killing and looting unleashed by London and Wall Street. One thing you can do is mobilize enormous pressure on the Justice Department to do what Trump is demanding: Release to the public declassified documents. Make a call today to the Justice Department comment line at 202-353-1555.

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