LaRouche Led the Real Revolt against the City of London and Wall Street

June 9, 2020
Lyndon LaRouche delivers the keynote speech at a Schiller Institute conference: "A New Paradigm To Save Mankind: After 30 Years: The Need for the Principle for the SDI Today!" March 23, 2013 - Sterling, VA (EIRNS/Stuart Lewis)
Lyndon LaRouche delivers the keynote speech at a Schiller Institute conference: "A New Paradigm To Save Mankind: After 30 Years: The Need for the Principle for the SDI Today!" March 23, 2013 - Sterling, VA (EIRNS/Stuart Lewis)

Who stopped the progress of the American Civil Rights Movement 50 years ago, before it could aim at rights of black working people to freedom from want and fear? Why was Dr. Martin Luther King killed when he had put economic rights, and ending the Vietnam War where they were being sent to die, at the center of his work? Why today is the wealth gap between households headed by white and black Americans much larger than it was 50 years ago?

And why do more than 80% of working Americans, and 2.2 billion working people worldwide, not have any productive employment that they can rely on? For that matter, why has a virus pandemic been allowed to throw most of those 2.2 billion out of work for months, and threaten hundreds of millions with starvation, particularly in Africa? Why have almost all nations in the world reduced their hospital beds and public health investments for decades, knowing that pandemics were coming?

The late Lyndon LaRouche alone answered these questions for the more than 50 years—since he warned in 1967 that British Empire banks were destroying the Bretton Woods credit and investment system and destroying what remained of President Franklin Roosevelt’s post-World War II plans for development. He said in 1974 that global pandemics would be the result if this were allowed. Civil Rights veterans and African leaders were drawn to LaRouche, because he answered these questions and relentlessly challenged the British Empire’s system of unlimited financial speculation and deadly “third world,” “fourth world” austerity.

That is why the former Ambassador of Burundi to the United States Jacques Bacamurwanko said of the likes of the Justice Department last week, “Get their knee off Lyndon LaRouche’s neck.” Jacques Bacamurwanko said, “The protest activists following George Floyd’s heinous killing by the MN police officer need to be told that it’s the same anti-America system that was responsible for the strangulation of Lyndon LaRouche Jr. Lyn’s neck was literally choked up by the same White supremacist gang that would not want him to exercise his right to vote, to move around or travel abroad freely. The good news is, the murderous gang Did Not manage to stop the flow of LaRouche’s Freedom and ideas far and wide.”

In this deep crisis it is a folly to join an insurrection aimed to force President Donald Trump out of office, being instigated by the same British Empire circles and agents that have been trying to eliminate him since before his inauguration. This crisis demands a fundamental solution; it demands a fundamentally new economy full of productive employment, space science and technology, work on more powerful energy sources. A new economy as South Africa’s President just called for it, led by a mobilization of new and high-technology economic infrastructure.

LaRouche proposed that a group of leading nations, with that new economy their objective, meet in summit and create a new global credit system. He said, “We have now an incalculable crisis worldwide in progress.... This is a crisis to see who is going to run the world. Is it going to be a group of nations, or is it going to be the re-emergent British Empire which never really went away—which takes over from the United States and establishes its world rule through globalization?”

The LaRouche Political Action Committee report, “The LaRouche Plan To Reopen the U.S. Economy: The World Needs 1.5 Billion New, Productive Jobs,” is the alternative to the deep crisis the world’s economies have now fallen into. Over the next weeks we seek to organize a loud international “chorus,” as Helga Zepp-LaRouche said, of voices in resonance for a summit of at least American, Chinese, Russian and India leaders, with many others welcome, to make this change.

An international conference will express this chorus three weeks from now, on June 27. In that same three weeks, London’s attempt to wreck the United States with the overthrow of a President, has to be stopped.

It’s LaRouche’s revolutionary challenge to the conglomeration of City of London-Wall Street financial power which has speculated away the value of human life for the past half-century.