Will the British Imperialists Claim the Reopening and the World? Or Will FDR Finally Complete His Mission?

May 7, 2020

Will the British Imperialists Claim the Reopening and the World? Or Will FDR Finally Complete ...

Guest: Michael Billington, EIR Asia Desk
Host: Dennis Speed, LaRouchePAC Manhattan

Live every Thursday at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific - The present breakdown of the world economy, expressed in spreading epidemics and pandemics, has an available and immediate solution. It’s not new; it was put forward by Lyndon LaRouche in 2007: “If the United States –and this is not impossible—if the United States should extend a proposal to Russia, to China, and to India to co-sponsor the formation of a new international monetary financial order that could be done... We have now an incalculable crisis worldwide in progress. This is not a financial crisis... This is a crisis to see who is going to run the world. It is going to be a group of nations, or is it going to be the re-emergent British Empire which never really went away—which takes over from the United States and establishes its world rule through globalization?”

That is the question of the hour. The survival of the United States depends upon defeating the present British intelligence war against the Trump presidency. As LaRouche said in 1997, “if the United States , or the President of the United States, and China participate in fostering the project, sometimes called the Silk Road Project, sometimes called the Landbridge project, if that project of developing development corridors across Eurasia into Africa, into North America, is extended, that project is enough work to put the whole planet into an economic revival. There is no need for anybody on the planet who is out of work to be out of work. It’s that simple. And that project is the means.”

Join us for tonight’s discussion regarding how we inoculate the American people against British treason and recommit our fellow citizens to those objectives for which FDR and “The Greatest Generation” gave their lives 75 years ago.