This V-E Day, It’s the British Empire We Have To Defeat

May 4, 2020
 V-E Day celebrations on Bay Street, Toronto, Canada. May 7, 1945 (City of Toronto Archives / Public Domain)
V-E Day celebrations on Bay Street, Toronto, Canada. May 7, 1945 (City of Toronto Archives / Public Domain)

As we approach the 75th anniversary of V-E Day and the defeat of Nazism on May 9, the United States and Russia—the nations whose armies met to seal that defeat—are battling large-scale coronavirus epidemics, while British intelligence agencies and outlets do everything possible to divide them and to make out China as an “outlaw” target for retaliation. The lies about China “unleashing” the pandemic, and the demands to punish it, are British—we have proven that they originated with Sir Richard Dearlove’s Henry Jackson Society, with outright British Empire revivalist Niall Ferguson, with MI6 head Sir John Sawers—and this weekend’s latest round, with the so-called “Five Eyes” intelligence network of the leading British Empire nations which pulls in U.S. intelligence as the last “eye.”

At the same time Russia is being attacked because while fighting the pandemic at home, it sent military engineers and medics to aid Italy at that height of that country’s epidemic—British-circulated lies charged Russia with “spying in Europe” for this act of solidarity with Italy.

The “Five Eyes” report is now turned against President Donald Trump, with media leaks that he was briefed in January that China had unleashed a pandemic but didn’t act!

And we have proven over and over again that British intelligence spawned and directed the four years of attempts to stop candidate Trump and overthrow President Trump with “Russia, Russia, Russia,” now turned to “China, China, China.”

Step back and see the picture: British intelligence is in fact targeting all three leaders—President Trump, China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin—to set them against each other over this pandemic. Its aim is to ensure they don’t cooperate against the virus, and against the City of London and Wall Street.

LaRouchePAC’s May 2 “Town Hall” webcast showed that President Franklin Roosevelt faced the same menace in his World War II British “ally,” which wanted at all costs to keep its Empire intact and leave the economic backwardness of its colonies untouched. Churchill’s government also opposed FDR’s post-war plans with his Bretton Woods conference to industrialize those underdeveloped countries with American capital goods exports. By the early 1970s the City of London succeeded in destroying Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods system entirely, replacing it with a casino-like global monetary and financial system which has ravaged the economies of the United States and other industrialized countries as well.

We have another opportunity, and challenge, now, for the leaders of the industrial powers to block out the British geopoliticians and imperialists, and collaborate to carry out what America then had in mind, beginning with construction of a world healthcare infrastructure in the developing nations into which this pandemic has spread.

The Schiller Institute yesterday announced, for V-E Day:

"Now, today, the world would welcome the real America, FDR’s post-war anti-colonial America, the America of World War II veteran Lyndon LaRouche and of the LaRouche ‘Four Laws.’ On May 9, the greatest honor that can be paid to the over 70 million people who died through that war, would be to commit to build an alliance of nations, the Four Powers." Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized, "The four main nations of the world—the United States, China, Russia, and India—must now establish a New Bretton Woods system and together with all nations that wish to join, a new paradigm in international cooperation among nations that is guided by the common aims of mankind."

"The Schiller Institute invites you to join us on Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time for an international 75th year commemoration of the victory over fascism in Europe, commonly known as V-E Day.... FDR’s post-war vision for a world free from what he accurately termed the ‘18th-century methods’ of British, French, Belgian, Dutch, and Portuguese colonialism, was one intended to replace that imperial rule with Alexander Hamilton’s American Revolution in the science of physical economy."