The British Imperial Disease Empowered COVID-19; Let's Destroy Both of Them - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

April 23, 2020

The British Imperial Disease Empowered COVID-19; Let's Destroy Both of Them

LIVE every Thursday, 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific - With most of the world's economies in shambles, do we really want to go back to what we "had?" In tracing the roots of our post-industrial nightmare, Lyndon LaRouche cites the post 1965 take down of the Apollo program as the trigger for the long and deliberate slide into a state where a simple virus, one of the lowest forms of life, has become a potent weapon which can bring mankind to its knees. Why would LaRouche say this? Well, the cognitive domain of human creative discovery is where the revolutionary ideas reside which can jump start a seemingly dead economy into a new and more vibrant mode of existence. The Apollo program made the drive to such scientific discoveries self-conscious and an imperative for those who situated themselves as participants in that great adventure. It involved crash scientific programs of discovery with the purest necessity to succeed. Failure, as they said, was not an option. It also spun off huge discoveries which evolved into major technological advances in the economy and in living standards.

It is clear as a bell that we need a massive infrastructure program to restart the world's economies and our own and that the deindustrialized globalized system, in existence since August 15, 1971, has destroyed the ready means to finance this program through low interest, long term fixed exchange rate loans. Not so clear to most is the fact that President Trump's Moon Mars initiative and a Manhattan style project in the bio-sciences are of even more significant moment if we are to successfully emerge from our present nightmare.

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