China’s Message to the U.S.: ‘Never Too Late To Join Hands in Fight against Real Enemy’

April 20, 2020

That is the headline on the April 19 homepage editorial in the semi-official China Daily, in response to the recent wave of fabrications and attacks on China for everything from allegedly lying about its COVID-19 deaths, to failing to inform the world about the coronavirus outbreak in a timely fashion, to even intentionally concocting the coronavirus in a Wuhan laboratory and then deploying it as a biological weapon against the West. The latest bit of such dangerous insanity, issued from the mouth of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who told New York radio host John Catsimatidis yesterday that China “sent over a million people around the world—1.5 million—almost like ambassadors carrying the disease. What’s wrong with them, John? They have no conscience.”

As EIRNS has extensively documented, those attacks on China—just like the Russiagate lies before them—originated with British intelligence, and have been laundered into the United States by corrupt elements in U.S. intelligence services, morally stunted neo-cons, and the mass media. As with the discredited “Russia-Russia-Russia” drumbeat before, the current “China-China-China” campaign has President Donald Trump in the crosshairs, in an effort to get him to buy into all or part of the fabric of lies, and thereby prevent him from developing a working relationship with Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia, an alliance which could begin to address the unprecedented array of global problems facing the planet, starting with the coronavirus pandemic.

As Schiller Institute founder Helga-Zepp LaRouche stressed in her April 15 weekly international webcast: “They (China) have offered cooperation on the basis of a win-win cooperation. They have offered the United States a special great-power relationship. And it is an absolutely absurd idea that one can prevent a country of 1.4 billion people, which has determined that it wants to go forward on the road of scientific and technological progress—and has proven that that method functions, by lifting 850 million people out of poverty, and then, is starting to offer the advantage of such an approach to others through the Belt and Road Initiative—that you can stop that, other than by nuclear war! And that is, obviously, unfortunately, what some people are willing to toy with.”

“This campaign is absolutely led by British intelligence,” Zepp-LaRouche stressed. “I think it’s very dangerous, and it’s very stupid. And I think it should stop, and people should really not be led by the nose by these lying mass media, which have nothing to do with journalism. They’re really just the forefront of the intelligence community, trying to feed propaganda in order to further their aims.”

What the China Daily editorial said is true: It is not too late to join hands in the fight against the real enemy. In fact, mankind’s very existence now depends on such an alliance to sweep away the destructive old paradigm, and establish a New Paradigm centered on Mankind’s creativity per se—which is the central topic of next weekend’s April 25-26 Schiller Institute conference.