We Stand At a Big Fork in the Road—and the British Would Lead Us to Hell - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

April 16, 2020

We Stand At a Big Fork in the Road—and the British Would Lead Us to Hell

LIVE every Thursday at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific - Just at the point when citizens of the United States began to focus on the big mistakes of the last 50 years and the challenge of building an entirely new economy and our true mission in the world, the British, in the form of the paid propagandists for the City of London and Wall Street, tromped on stage to disrupt and confuse us once again, perhaps fatally. Remember Russia! Russia! Russia!? Now, you have China! China! China! And in China, a similar nasty propaganda push is underway against the United States. Very, very dangerous and meant to throw us completely off track once again.

In 2000, Lyndon LaRouche gave a speech entitled “Our Manifest Destiny” in which he located our heritage in the great Renaissance and the triumph of creative human reason. He asked, “Does the United States still have the function, of being a temple of liberty and beacon of hope for these nations of the world? And can we do that by making sure we do it also internally, to restore the nation internally, as a temple of liberty and beacon of hope, in order to give it the moral authority to be a temple of liberty and beacon of hope worldwide?

We are short-lived. We are born, and we shall die, all of us. Then, what is the meaning of our life, as our human life? Is it not to assimilate and cultivate in ourselves, those qualities which define us as human; to absorb the gifts of reason from preceding generations, from history; to utilize those and preserve and defend those gifts of reason, to add something to that for future generations, so that when we pass on, we have retained a permanent place in the span of eternity?

If we are to win the challenge we now face, this is the type of creative thinking required—the type of thinking our founders had, Beethoven had, LaRouche had. The Schiller Institute's conference just ahead will focus on that. Join us for tonight’s discussion.