Defeating COVID-19: Update from Italy

March 17, 2020

CORONAVIRUS in Italy: lockdowns, overflowing morgues, hospital construction, and national unity

The epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted from Hubei, China to northern Italy. We speak with Italian political and musical activist Liliana Gorini, who lives in Lombardy, which is presently the most active coronavirus hotspot in Europe. Learn what life is like in an area where the morgues are overflowing, walking down the street without a reason could land you in jail, and where plans for building emergency hospitals are being put into operation. Learn what you can do — even from home — to shift world politics by contributing to the adoption of the economic outlook Lyndon LaRouche developed and fought for over decades. Human life must come first, and aggressive government action to provide health care, research cures, and develop a more robust economy over the decades to come, allowing us to be able to deal with any problem nature sends our way.



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