Paul Gallagher on the Meltdown of the Financial System

March 13, 2020

Excerpt: Paul Gallagher on Global Financial Situation

Listen to Paul Gallagher's 17-minute briefing on the meltdown of the system, the Federal Reserve's mad money-pumping response, and how LaRouche's Four Laws represent the only sane response. 

You are now living through the end of a system, manifesting itself in the outbreak of the corona virus and the accompanying implosion of the one-quadrillion-dollar-plus speculative bubble. When that system was created in 1971, Lyndon LaRouche warned that it was foredoomed, having placed control of the world economy increasingly in the hands of the London and Wall Street financial elite. And from that moment onward, he put forward, to governments and populations, the necessary solutions.

Deliver this message to President Trump and to your members of Congress:

1. We need a new system, not a bailout of the old one. 

2. LaRouche's "Four Laws for Economic Recovery" and his call for a New Bretton Woods monetary system, both based on the principle of protecting and advancing the physical economy must be acted on NOW!

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What more you can do:

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