COVID-19 and the World’s Economy: Now is the time for LaRouche - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

March 5, 2020

COVID-19 and the World’s Economy: Now is the time for LaRouche

Tonight’s dialog will feature three reports. Dennis Small will outline the world-wide economic impact of the Coronavirus insofar as it can be known at this point; Barbara Boyd will report on the present state of play in the U.S. electoral process; Kesha Rogers will outline why a crash program for Moon-Mars colonization and the restoration of actual science, rather than the statistical correlations of machine learning, will result in conquering the scientific frontiers at issue in the present and future epidemics.

All of these perspectives converge on the same essential harmonic point: now is the time for Lyndon LaRouche’s policy and creating the movement whose ideas can actually defeat our British imperial enemy. It is hardly now irrelevant that Prince Charles dreamed of becoming a deadly virus on behalf of imperial policies. But, for the first time, a population in revolt against the economic axioms of globalization and imperial wars both world-wide and here in the United States stands poised to defeat our ancient enemy provided we provide essential leadership.