The Door Is Open for the Crucial Trump-Putin-Xi Summit

February 11, 2020

The huge disparity between President Donald Trump’s view of China and that of his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, can only remind one of what President Trump said about his former National Security Adviser John Bolton—if he hadn’t fired him, Trump said, we’d be in World War Six by now. Pompeo has been touring Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Ibero-America, ranting that these nations must not allow China’s Belt and Road development projects into their nations—clearly implying that the U.S. will punish them if they do—as the U.S. is threatening sanctions against even our closest allies in Europe if they proceed with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to bring Russian gas to a gas-hungry Europe. Pompeo even threatened the National Governors Association this past weekend “not to make separate individual deals with China that could undermine national policy,” and to beware of the supposedly sinister Chinese scientists and educational institutions in the U.S.

But what did President Trump say to the same National Governors Association yesterday?

“I have great respect for President Xi and great respect for China.” He also called President Xi Jinping last week to praise his all-forces effort to counter the novel coronavirus, while the whorish U.S. and European press are full of insane diatribes about China failing to deal with this global threat, or even accusing it of intentionally unleashing it. In fact, Trump repeatedly tells the throngs attending his rallies, as he does with his tweets to the American people, that he respects President Xi Jinping as a great leader of a great nation.

It is time that Pompeo got the Bolton treatment.

So it is, also, with Russia. There is no American who has not heard President Trump say, over and over, that “being friends with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing.” And yet the press, and the Congress, and even Trump’s Cabinet members, pump out daily diatribes against Russia and the allegedly “evil dictator” Vladimir Putin.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today opened the door to a Putin-Xi-Trump summit—an urgent necessity, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has asserted—to address the growing danger of war, of financial disintegration, of the coronavirus breaking out as a global pandemic, and more. Lavrov pointed to the actual cause of the current state of tension and potential for war between these two great powers: President Barack Obama, Lavrov said, “had this quirk of putting personal before state. He also displayed it in December 2016, when he, already an outgoing President, ‘slammed the door’ by seizing Russian diplomatic properties and by forcing the diplomats out. By doing so, he left Trump with a horrible legacy in relations with Russia, which still has a certain effect.”

Just as the “Russiagate” hoax was in fact a coup attempt against the elected President of the United States by British intelligence, working with the corrupted Obama intelligence team, so also the British and their Obama Administration assets acted to provoke an existential crisis between the world’s two leading nuclear powers, willing even to risk thermonuclear war in order to maintain the British Empire division of the world into warring blocs.

We call on President Trump to respond to this opening, by accepting the invitation offered by President Putin for President Trump to attend the 75th Anniversary of the defeat of fascism in May, in Moscow, where President Xi Jinping will also be in attendance, and to also accept Putin’s appeal for a summit of the leaders of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, bringing Putin, Xi, and Trump together, albeit with Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson.

The world sits on a precipice, threatened with a financial explosion and with global war, or, to the contrary, rescued with a final defeat of the British Empire’s geopolitics, and a true Renaissance which unites the great cultures of the world in a truly universal Renaissance. To this, Lyndon LaRouche devoted his life’s work. On Wednesday, it will be one year since the death of this universal genius. Let us act upon this pregnant moment to realize his great mission.