Daniel Burke for Senate Campaign Makes Big Impact at WildWood, NJ Trump Rally

January 31, 2020
LaRouchePAC Endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, Daniel Burke, with campaign organizers at the Trump rally in Wildwood, NJ, January 28, 2020.

by Daniel Burke, burke4senate.com

The Burke for Senate campaign brought Beethoven to Trump’s rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on Tuesday, January 28. The small shore town was completely taken over by Trumps rally, but it is fair to say that Trump’s rally was similarly taken over by the LaRouche candidate. Several other senatorial, gubernatorial, and house of representatives candidates and their campaign teams were in attendance, but none had the presence of our campaign in fact, none of them had any literature to speak of. Meanwhile, our merry team included 24 people at its height, distributing more than 3,000 of Daniel’s statement — “End the Coup, Colonize Mars” — which features Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s call for a Trump-Putin-Xi Summit. The leaflet also invites people to a campaign event at 2pm on Saturday, Feb 15th in Edison, NJ. In addition, several hundreds of the LPAC leaflet with Helga’s call went out.

Each of the activists had a body sign with Daniel’s campaign poster on it, which announces him as the LaRouche Candidate with the slogan: “We Choose to Go to the Moon and Mars” at the bottom. In addition, we had several full-side posters on cardboard poles. The feature of the campaign effort was a huge 5x3 double sided sign: Burke for Senate… Trump-Putin-Xi Peace Summit Now! with enormous pictures of the three leaders.

We began the afternoon at the back of the line, singing and distributing large amounts of leaflets. By mid-afternoon, we went to the front of the line, where we again set up the large sign and sang some more. The result was that many people saw us at least twice, and got to hear us sing up close by the end of the day. Many told us, “I already have that!” and pointed to their pockets.

At one point, we began singing patriotic songs, then led into our humorous campaign song. A reporter with America’s Voice noticed the singing and came over to film it. We followed up with an arrangement of An die Freude. When she interviewed me afterwards, her first question was, Why the music? I described the Beethoven year to her and the importance of thinking like Beethoven, and the rest of the interview dealt with Mars and fusion. It can be seen on slack.

We found a lot of LaRouche recognition from people curious to know what the LaRouche candidate was presenting. One man opened with, “I used to read New Solidarity!”

Many were inspired by the bold focus on space science. Two separate fathers asked to take pictures with me with their families, with sons who love space or want to become astronauts. Two skateboarding youth said, “Mars?? Yes, that’s our future!!” Another person said, “How are we going to get there? What about getting past the asteroid belt?” An aerospace engineer, overhearing my video statement as I recorded it, couldn’t stop smiling while he asked about the policy. A young man volunteering with the Trump campaign reintroduced himself, “I met you at Turning Point conference!” A father with two teenagers listened patiently, then said, “We want to work on your campaign. What should we do?” Not a single person asked, Why Mars?

We did encounter party-pooper pragmatists, concerned about an Independent run, but most were not sour like that, and we took the sourpusses on directly. After all, the whole occasion for the rally was the action by a Democrat, Jeff Van Drew, to oppose his party’s insanity. Cory Booker was a universal object of disgust.

Organizers and activists were struck by the weakness of the other campaigns, both in their show and their content. I talked to three other candidates and none were able to hold any kind of conversation. Many activists and members agreed that the choral singing was absolutely vital for the effect we had. Passersby took photos and video of our singing, but the response was not one of abundant cheers and claps. That we stood next to the summit sign, a challenging concept for many, appeared to cause the people listening to actively ponder our message.

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