International Day of Action: Trump, Putin, Xi Must Hold Emergency Summit To Avert War, Begin Development

January 15, 2020
President Trump hold a rally for his 2020 Presidential Campaign in Milwaukee, WI. Jan. 14, 2020 (Donald J. Trump / Facebook)
President Trump hold a rally for his 2020 Presidential Campaign in Milwaukee, WI. Jan. 14, 2020 (Donald J. Trump / Facebook)

Today, Jan. 15, the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., has been designated by the Schiller Institute as an international day of action, holding rallies and contacting institutions to lend their voices to the urgent necessity that Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi convene an emergency summit to avert the danger of war breaking out over the crisis in Iran and Iraq. There can be no doubt that Dr. King would fully concur. LaRouchePAC will be joining these rallies in the United States.

While Presidents Trump and Rouhani have both indicated that they are standing down from any immediate military action, the continued instability in the region holds the inherent danger that the world could once more “sleepwalk” into a world war, as happened in 1914.

During President Trump’s White House address on Jan. 8, the morning of the Iran missile attack on U.S.-Iraqi bases, he expressed appreciation that no one was killed in the attack, and that Iran had made clear they were “standing down.” Most importantly, he also called for a totally new approach to the crisis—replacing the failed Iran nuclear deal (the JCPOA), by launching new negotiations with Iran with all the signers of the JCPOA—i.e., not only Germany, France and the U.K., but also Russia and China. Were such a process to be initiated, it would bring Russia, China and the U.S. together to address not only Iran’s nuclear weapons potential, but also an overall resolution to the regional chaos. Trump has repeatedly called for getting U.S. troops out of the region, while also calling on Iran to remove its military forces from across the region. More importantly, the presence of Russia and China in the discussions would provide a basis for Iran to trust any proposed security assurances, while China’s Belt and Road Initiative would provide the framework for reconstruction of those nations destroyed in the U.S.-British “regime-change” wars—hopefully with all nations, including the U.S., participating in this urgent, morally necessary process.

To the shock of many in his Cabinet, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the BBC Tuesday that he concurred with Trump’s proposal regarding Iran. “From the American perspective,” Johnson said, “it’s a flawed deal.... Let’s replace it with the Trump deal. That’s what we need to see. President Trump is a great deal-maker by his own account, and by many others. Let’s work together to replace the JCPOA and get the Trump deal instead.” It is not clear whether Johnson and Trump have coordinated their actions.

The day is auspicious, indeed. The Articles of Impeachment, put together out of thin air by the corrupt and failing Democratic Party, are to be delivered to the Senate today, Wednesday, with the impeachment trial to begin next week. Also today, the U.S. and China are to sign the historic first phase of a trade agreement, the first step on what must become a process of resolving the trade imbalance and getting down to the far more crucial necessity of U.S.-China cooperation in rebuilding the crumbling financial architecture of the Western nations, and cooperation in the Belt and Road reconstruction of the entire formerly colonized nations of Africa, Asia and Ibero-America.

It is a moment of historic specificity—whether the citizens of the world will, each and every one, search inside themselves to find that which is truly universal, more precious than life itself, to act on shaping the future of the human race towards dignity and happiness; or to be small and passive, allowing the world to decline into barbarism—that is the meaning of this “Day of Action.”