LPAC Endorsed Candidate for Senate Daniel Burke at Trump Youth Conference: The Dreams of the Youth Must be Fulfilled

January 2, 2020
Candidate for U.S. Senate Daniel Burke (middle) with youth attending the 2019 Turning Point conference.

by Daniel Burke, LaRouche Independent candidate for US Senate in New Jersey

The defining characteristic of the youth movement growing around President Trump is a beaming, defiant optimism—a response to the President's leadership on the grandest scale, and, I think, an adumbration of what new, just world order lies ahead. If this optimism be apprehended and given form, it will become an essential engine for the progress of mankind, out of the era of financial oligarchy, war and famine, and into a Galactic Age.

From December 19th through 22nd, more than 1500 high school and college students gathered in West Palm Beach, Florida for the annual Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, where they were addressed by President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and a panoply of conservative figures. My campaign staff and I were there through Sunday morning, speaking to the youth, finding them in a state of self-creation. The most common question I received was, "How do I become a candidate?"

They did not reflect a particular ideology, as we had feared they might, given the Neocon affiliations of its financiers and leader, Charlie Kirk. Rather, the youth were seeking some method for articulating their hopes for the future. A young man responded to my palm card, which features the slogan "We Choose to Go to the Moon and Mars," by asking, "I love the space program, but how do I justify it, given the national debt?" I responded by communicating, in short, LaRouche's identification of human creativity as the true source of all economic value. The small crowd around him smiled at this answer and asked to take photos with me. Later, during Trump's speech, the greatest response came when he brought up the Space Force—not because the students want to fight a war in space, but because they want to explore the universe!

And, precisely because they were optimistic, the students were able to genuinely discuss the challenges we face in a way that much of the adult population cannot. The cynical punditry of the Fox News types fell flat, but many students spoke with us at length about the true danger in the US economy and culture. One student complained that she cannot use a bathroom in her high school without smelling marijuana. Others agreed, a financial crisis must be on the horizon.

Other than Trump’s address and Giuliani’s speech on the importance of equal application of the law regardless of political affiliation (a good argument for the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche), the content at the conference was pathetic, and sometimes evil. These youth need you! They need you to inspire them with a clear mission for the next 50 years of our nation, and an understanding of the physical principles by which that mission can be achieved. This is a task that we students of LaRouche are qualified for—so, join us in campaigning far and wide to bring LaRouche’s Four Laws strategy and international Moon-Mars mission to the defiant youth. It’s absolutely necessary, and very fun.

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