A Year End Reflection: Mass Strikes Are Occurring Throughout The World, The Elites Have Lost the Mandate of Heaven

December 23, 2019
President Donald J. Trump addresses his remarks Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019, at Turning Point USA’s 5th annual Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
President Donald J. Trump addresses his remarks Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019, at Turning Point USA’s 5th annual Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Fla. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

It is lawful that looking around the world now, in December, 2019, we see waves of mass protests and mass strikes exploding in France, Germany and the Netherlands in Europe; in Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere in the Mideast-North Africa; in South and Central America, Central Asia and many other places. Although there are huge differences from country to country, all of the strikers and protesters, like the people Hillary Clinton and Company called "deplorables," suffer from conditions which have become intolerable. But there is something else as well. A careful study would often show, as Hussein Askary did for the case of Lebanon, that mixed in with myriad sorts of grievances, there are also grounds for hope in a possible better future to be won, as Rosa Luxemburg showed in her famous 1906 pamphlet, "The Mass Strike, the Party and the Trade Unions."

When and where did this worldwide mass-strike wave begin? Looking backwards, again, with better insight, we can now see that it began first, tentatively perhaps, with the Brexit campaign in Britain of Spring-Summer 2016, and, roughly simultaneously, with Donald Trump's election campaign right here in the U.S. Donald Trump spoke directly to the workers and farmers without artifice. He left no doubt that he understood their sufferings and intended to act against them, and, unlike the rotten elites, he understood that manufacturing and farming are the basis of human life--not free trade and globalization. He said that the mission of "Making America Great Again" left no time for political correctness, and he was right.

The response he got was totally unlike that of any other Presidential campaign at least since Franklin Roosevelt. Millions of American "deplorables" saw eye-to-eye with him, understood him totally, and devoted every effort to ensure that he was elected, with no less dedication than the members of his own family. At that point, the battle was joined with an entrenched and, in their deluded view of themselves, an all powerful elite who have chosen insurrection rather than learning from their loss.

Looking backwards now with a clearer view, we can see that for the strata of U.S. productive workers and farmers and their families (what Hillary Clinton called the "deplorables"), the 21st Century has been nothing but one long march into nowhere. We know about the threefold increase in drug overdose deaths (per capita) to over 70,000 in 2017. That's almost 200 a day. We know, too, about the no-win, endless wars launched one after another into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. But no one who launched those wars from Washington ever went over there to fight them or talked with the spouses or children at home who also bore the burden of those wars.

Labor force participation fell from 67 to less than 63 percent from 1999 to 2015--but that means nothing to our so-called elites. They have no idea what it looks like, still less how it feels--nor, more important, what it means. Homelessness is epidemic, particularly in the land of the super rich and tech savvy, California, but also in liberal New York. Except for political advantage, it is ignored.

American life expectancy fell for five years, 2014-18, before finally rising again in 2019. In some measure we did to ourselves what we had done to Russia in the 1990s.

The long downward arc from Franklin Roosevelt's death, to John Kennedy's assassination, through Johnson's killing of the space program in 1967 and Nixon's destruction of the Bretton Woods system in 1971--all of them hit bottom under George W. Bush and Obama, with their coverup of 9/11, their 2008 bank bailouts, and all their other crimes.

Our decadent elites chose to see none of this. They slandered Donald Trump as a Russian asset during the election, conspired to pervert the Electoral college after he won, and have tried to find grounds to impeach him since mere hours after his inauguration three years ago. This fraudulent impeachment must be crushed. Our workers and farmers--Hillary Clinton's "deplorables"--understand it for exactly what it is. They know that if somehow it were to succeed, then she and her friends will shove their noses right back into the ordure. The results would be disastrous both for the world and our country; they will not be what the impeachers expect, blinded as they are by hatred.

But to bring our economy back from the dead after three-quarters of a century of decay, is a far greater task than the one that Franklin Roosevelt faced when he entered office during the depths if the Great Depression in 1933. It requires science. Not the pseudoscience of which economics degree-holders brag--the overeducated who will never learn anything new, lest it make them question the value of their diplomas. What academic economist forecast the 1953 recession, or the 1971 beginning of Bretton Woods' collapse, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, or the 2008 crash, as LaRouche did? None of them. His forecasts were ridiculed when he made them, but he was proven right.

The Trump Administration will have to apply the late Lyndon LaRouche's science of political economy, based on physical economy, to fulfill the President's campaign promises. In order for this to happen, the organic intellectual leaders among the so-called "deplorables," will now have to begin to learn it for themselves.

This is not "science" as it's taught in our benighted colleges and universities--hands up for the right answer; working equations; and looking it up in the back of the book. This is totally different. LaRouche rediscovered the physical principles of economy which made the U.S. a great economy in its best periods, and he studied how a financial system must be subordinated to physical economy, rather then the other way around. The discoveries he won over many decades, hold the clue to our future over the coming weeks and months.