The Impeachment Farce Opens Wednesday: A Memo to the President Trump’s Friends

November 13, 2019
Left to right, George Kent, photo: U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine, William Taylor, photo: U.S. State Department.

“Nothing Is As Hostile to Wisdom as Too Much Subtlety” —Edgar Allen Poe, citing Cicero, and referencing his Masterpiece, “The Purloined Letter”

Here are the things to keep in mind about Wednesday’s impeachment farce, featuring U.S. State Department bureaucrats William B. Taylor and George Kent, and what will surely be Thursday’s hyping of Wednesday’s hearsay and gossip followed by even more hearsay, gossip, and histrionics on Friday with the testimony of former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

How We Got Here:

This is the third stage of the coup against Donald Trump which began the day he won the 2016 election. This stage was unfolded one day after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s disastrous testimony before Congress on July 24th, a dismal failure which shutdown the coup’s previous stage, despite frantic Democratic efforts to provide life support. The phone call at the center of all of this, between newly elected President of Ukraine, Zelensky, and President Trump occurred on July 25th.

Every person paraded out so far to accuse the President of an illicit Quid Pro Quo, and now, ludicrously, “Extortion!” says that providing lethal military aid to Ukraine to fight the Russians is in the national security interest of the United States. Many further state that investigating Ukraine’s acknowledged interference in the 2016 election to elect Hillary Clinton should not be investigated because it is a “personal” interest of President Trump. Others acknowledge that an investigation of pervasive Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election might be in our national interest. Universally, they sniff, that Hunter Biden hauling millions out of Ukraine, while working for a company which was very, very corrupt, and while Joe Biden, as Vice-President was trying to take over Ukraine’s natural gas industry is not worthy of investigation. They also say that Joe Biden getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired whilst that prosecutor was investigating the company his son worked for was just perfectly appropriate behavior.

Here is the purloined letter lying in plain sight: President Trump has never agreed that providing lethal military aid to a country on Russia’s borders, with neo-Nazis incorporated into its military, in order to contain and provoke Russia, and with a history of disappearing millions of dollars in aid money, is particularly smart. He has only done so because the entirety of the Anglo-American establishment is arrayed against him on this “issue.” They have claimed, incessantly, since 2016, that failure to provide this aid “proves” Trump is a pawn of Putin—the now completely debunked conspiracy theory they invented for the first two years of Trump’s presidency. And the President’s supporters have mostly missed the strategic issue, in the swirl of mindless propaganda produced daily by the establishment.

Every single witness so far in this sham proceeding has testified that Trump knew Ukraine was incredibly corrupt and had intervened in 2016 election to defeat him and had openly expressed skepticism toward any further aid to Ukraine dating way back to when he took office in 2017. Every single witness has said that they opposed Trump on this presidential prerogative and staged a battle against the President to get aid to Ukraine to “fight the Russians.” Every single witness who has testified so far has a history of engaging in the forever wars and foreign policy disasters which the President was elected to end. They all disagree with our founders who said that the President, not them, should conduct foreign policy.

The entire farce is a race against time to diminish the coming impact of the Report of Inspector General Horowitz and the ongoing investigation by John Durham, supervised by Attorney General Barr of the criminal actions undertaken by the Democrats and the Obama Administration to prevent Trump’s election and then to subvert the vote in 2016, destroying our Constitution in the process. Many of the people bearing witness against the President have been involved, in one way or another, in the criminal interference against Donald Trump in the 2016 election, including Joe Biden.

Wednesday’s Witnesses: William B. Taylor, Jr. and George Kent

William B. Taylor, Jr. Career Highlights:

William B. Taylor, Jr.

1989-1992, Deputy Defense Advisor to William Taft, Ambassador to NATO. This post involved the crushing of any potential for peaceful engagement with the former Soviet bloc following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the devastating war in the Balkans, and the beginning of the looting and decimation of the former Soviet states by the British, the U.S., and their NATO allies. William Taft, the man Taylor obediently served, later wrote the preventive war doctrine justifying the Gulf War.

1992-2002, Coordinator of U.S. aid to the former Soviet Bloc. During this time, the looting and decimation of the former Soviet States continued, resulting in outright genocide and precipitous declines in life spans and living conditions.

2002-2003, Coordinator of U.S. aid to Afghanistan. This post was in the wake of the U.S. military campaign against the Taliban and the overthrow of their government and set the stage for the ongoing conflict. Following the first stage of conflict, major aid in rebuilding the country was completely denied including the necessary eradication of poppy fields, the subsistence crop and financial underpinning of the U.S./British created Afghan state.

2004-2005, Coordinator of Iraqi reconstruction. The title itself is an empty set of words since no reconstruction really occurred and billions of dollars in U.S. aid were fed to U.S. defense contractors and corrupt Iraqi politicians and militias with no results except a frozen state of permanent religious warfare in the country.

2006-2008, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine. His term followed the first color revolution staged by the U.S. and the British in Ukraine, the Orange Revolution. U.S. policy here has been consistently geared toward eradicating historic support for the Russians by citizens, predominantly in the East, who speak Russian and orient toward that nation, while encouraging a European and NATO orientation by those in the West. As with most color revolutions, the years 2006-2008 were characterized by power struggles among competing oligarchs and financial interests, and failures to even form cohesive governments while the population suffered enormously under IMF austerity and conditional loans.

2011-2013, Coordinator of “Transitions” under Obama for the Arab Spring, overseeing U.S. operations in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria which set Southwest Asia on fire in wars which have continued to this date.

Taylor serves on the U.S./Ukraine Business Council as a senior advisor along with David J. Kramer, the John McCain aide who leaked the Steele dossier to Buzzfeed. The Council coordinates the “investment” of various vulture and “turnaround” funds in Ukraine. He has campaigned endlessly for lethal military assistance to Ukraine and NATO enlargement. According to Breitbart’s Aaron Klein, the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center (where Taylor has frequently worked with its leader, John Herbst), sponsored a trip to Ukraine on August 24-31st, by Schiff staffer Thomas Eager.

Eager’s first stop was a meeting with Taylor. The clear implication of Klein’s article is the coordination of testimony in the impeachment inquiry. Klein also details the funding of the Atlantic Council by Burisma, the very dirty Ukraine gas and oil company which Joe and Hunter Biden worked so diligently to scrub from international pariah status.

Testimony to Date:

Taylor testified that it was his “understanding” there was a link between U.S. security assistance and an investigation of Hunter and Joe Biden. This opinion (contradicted by the actual transcripts of the Trump/Zelensky conversations and the actual delivery of aid) he got from other diplomats who themselves were campaigning to box the President into a corner requiring him to release the lethal aide. Kurt Volker, the guy with the most direct knowledge of all of this, is not on the witness list for this week, despite previously testifying in Adam Schiff’s bunker. Volker testified it was his idea to involve Rudy Giuliani. He thought that by co-opting Giuliani and creating a common understanding between Giuliani and the Ukrainians, he could change Trump's views about Ukraine. That, he thought would result in realization of Volker's "goal:" getting lethal aid flowing to Ukraine despite President Trump's previous longstanding objections. According to the testimony, European Union Ambassador Gordon Sondland, told National Security Advisor Tim Morrison, who, in turn told Taylor about the “understanding” which never came to actual fruition. Prior to the inquisition against this President, the United States didn’t punish “thought crimes.” That is usually the province of totalitarian regimes and banana republics.

George Kent Career Highlights:

George Kent

2014-2015, Senior Anti-Corruption Coordinator in the State Department’s European Bureau, in charge of “anti-corruption messaging” across Europe and Eurasia. In reality, this unit functions with the intelligence community’s “kleptocracy” initiative aimed at painting any leader they don’t like as corrupt and subject to violent regime change operations. Kent played a role in the investigations and debridement of the oligarchs associated with the prior Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, overthrown in a U.S. and British coup in 2014, and the direction of U.S. aid to Ukrainian oligarchs favored by the British and the State Department.

2015-2018, Deputy Chief of Mission U.S. Embassy Ukraine. This is the post-coup administration of Petro Poroshenko in which Ukraine became the center of U.S./British directed propaganda operations and hybrid war against Russia. It is also the period in which the operations directed at the candidacy of Donald Trump were undertaken by elements of the Ukrainian state, entities funded by George Soros, and the Obama State Department’s Ukraine potentate, Victoria Nuland as well as that Administration’s Ukraine point man, Vice-President Joe Biden and the Clinton Campaign.

Testimony to date. As accurately summarized by Fox News’ Gregory Jarrett, “Kent ‘believed” there was a ‘quid pro quo’ after he spoke to Taylor, who spoke to Morrison, who heard it from Sondland, who, as noted ‘presumed’ a precondition. It is conjecture built on triple hearsay.” Kent also testified that he raised alarms (had to, after all he was the anti-corruption messaging guy) about Hunter Biden’s involvement in Burisma, to no avail.

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