Biden Has a Lot More to Answer for in Ukraine than His Coked Up, Graft Prone Son

September 25, 2019
VP Joe Biden with U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, Secretary of State John Kerry, the State Dept.'s Victoria Nuland, and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, February 2015.

So, our corrupt and bloated intelligence community—that British controlled arbiter of the “national interest”—has escalated its full revolt once again against the President of the United States. The latest uproar concerns Ukraine and the claim that Donald Trump withheld lethal aid unless Ukraine investigated Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s coked up, graft prone son, and the role of Biden himself in Ukrainian graft. Wrapping herself in the flag as the foremost intelligence community expert (read “slave”) in the Congress, Speaker Pelosi, on September 24th, announced a formal impeachment investigation, because, she said, the President’s view of his unfettered exercise of his power to conduct foreign policy under Article II of the Constitution, required it. You see, they are out to control Donald Trump by any means necessary, something the Constitution, emphatically, through its separation of powers, does not allow.

The transcript of the President’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky has no quid pro quo and seems to be the President seeking help in investigating the Ukrainian side of the Anglo-American insurrection against him which stretches all the way back to 2015. By contrast, as John Solomon has reported, Senator Chris Murphy was fairly explicit in a meeting with Zelensky this month, warning him that aid to Ukraine could be cancelled if Zelensky investigated graft concerning Hunter Biden. Previously, Democratic Senators had threatened aid bound for Ukraine if three cases considered critical to Robert Mueller’s bogus Russiagate investigation were shut down.

You need some context in the dynamic historical sense favored by Lyndon LaRouche to understand, fully, what is at stake in lethal aid to Ukraine, something Donald Trump has been in a knife fight with the intelligence community about from the time he was a candidate.

Part of the bogus Russiagate narrative is that Trump, under Putin’s thumb, deliberately intervened in the GOP 2016 platform hearings to kill a plank calling for enormous amounts of lethal aid to Ukraine. That claim was proved absolutely false a long time ago. Then and now, Trump refuses to see the wisdom of using an uprising on Russia’s borders to overthrow Putin and risk nuclear war—what the British and the satraps in the U.S. intelligence community have sought ever since they ran the Ukraine regime change coup and operation back in 2014. See, LaRouche: Ukraine's Decision Averts World War for Now.

This website has insisted since way back in May of 2017, that Ukrainian state intelligence intervened in the 2016 U.S. elections in full throated support of Hillary Clinton and the Russiagate insurrection against Donald Trump, along with their then British masters. To highlight the point: MI6s Christopher Steele, Sir Richard Dearlove, the spy firm Hakluyt, the minions at GCHQ, the minions at the National Endowment of Democracy and “Torie” Nuland’s State Department, George Soros’ NGO’s and British and American intelligence assets—all of whom bent John Brennan’s and Barack Obama’s labile brains about Putin and Trump—were all united in the 2014 regime change operation in Ukraine authored by London and Washington. That regime change operation was a keystone moment in their march to attempt the overthrow of Vladimir Putin, risking nuclear conflict and actual human extinction in order to cure what they call Putin’s “revisionist” behavior.

Nuland and the late Senator John McCain fed cookies to the neo-nazi shock troops of the Azov brigade, the shock troops for the coup against then President Yanukovych who was viewed as soft on Putin. Joe Biden supervised this entire fiasco. As Consortium News published Tuesday, William Jarrett Smith, the U.S. Army soldier arrested for plotting bomb attacks on American media outlets and Democratic Party politicians was communicating with the very same Azov Brigade supported by the U.S. government as the result of operations overseen by Biden. Like Osama Bin Laden and the Afghanistan/Saudi terrorists birthed by the British and Zbigniew Brzezinski for their geopolitical war with Russia, blowback from immoral and incompetent operations has its way of coming back in the form of mass murders in the United States.

As significantly, Ukraine was the testing ground of the military grade information warfare being pioneered by British military intelligence and by former Green Beret and U.S. State Department asset Joel Harding. As George Eliason has repeatedly documented, the techniques employed

“are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche . . . Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill informed, or irrelevant.”

Barack Obama’s NDAAs specifically allowed for this “whole of nation” propaganda war to be turned on the citizens of the United States. Many wonder how the Democrats could have become so crazy. Rather than Trump Derangement Syndrome, a significant factor, this directed information warfare is where the devil lies. President Trump also alluded to this in his UN speech going after the thought control programs in use by social media companies. A sweeping investigation of this apparatus, the “journalists” they employ, and the propaganda programs they have targeted at the citizenry is critical if our republic is to survive.

As we have previously reported, Alexandra Chalupa worked for the DNC and Hillary Clinton in 2016. She and Irene Chalupa and Andrea Chalupa were key players in the Ukraine coup and in that part of the Ukrainian diaspora which salutes the fascist Stepan Bandera. She collaborated with the Ukrainian embassy in Washington D.C., in the fake “black book” operation which reopened the Justice Department investigation of Paul Manafort and otherwise was involved in smearing Trump as a Manchurian candidate. Dimitri Alperovitch, the guy who produced the fake narrative about the Russians hacking the DNC, is closely associated with the very same networks. While producing his bogus DNC hacking account, Alperovitch was also producing fake accounts of Russian operations in Ukraine. In addition, this network is closely tied to Shaltay Boltay (Humpty Dumpty) aka Anonymous Ukraine, a hacking group employed in the Ukraine information warfare and, many believe, has been extensively utilized in the ongoing disinformation campaign directed at President Trump.

According to the President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, the Ukrainian government has been trying to deliver evidence about this network’s role in the 2016 elections on behalf of Clinton, and the FBI has steadfastly refused to take the information. Giuliani came upon the piece about Hunter Biden’s corruption while following this up. If you have watched Giuliani trying to tell this story on national television over the last week and have seen the constant hysterical interruption by the legitimized news faces, even on Fox, you understand that this is explosive and goes far beyond the 2016 election to the very heart of the evil operations of empire. So, you see, when the President asks about CrowdStrike’s server in his conversation with the President of Ukraine, that is where the explosion in the intelligence mandarin’s mind occurs. They already know about Hunter Biden, in depth. And the explosion about the Ukraine coup and the 2016 election occurs, because if that investigation is pursued, so much evil will be completely and totally exposed.