Zepp-LaRouche, Cheminade Address 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum Think-Tank Meeting in China

September 16, 2019
Schiller Institute founder, Helga Zepp-LaRouche addresses the 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum.
Participants attend the 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Sept. 10, 2019. The forum kicked off here on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Zhang Bowen)

This past week the 2019 Euro-Asia Economic Forum took place in historic Xi’an, China, bringing together over 1,000 people, representing more than 58 nations from Europe and Asia, for two days of presentations and discussion, under the theme, “Design Links to the World and Innovation Win the Future.” After the opening ceremony on Sept. 10, came a plenary, followed by many parallel meetings on topics ranging from finance and cultural tourism, to science and technology.

The Euro-Asia Economic Forum was founded in 2005, fostered by the 2005 Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The Forum has held meetings every two years since, making this week’s conference the seventh.

At the Forum’s “Think Tank Meeting” on Sept. 11, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche, from Germany, gave the keynote for the gathering of some 100 attendees. Then later in the session, French leader Jacques Cheminade, head of Solidarité et Progrès party and former Presidential candidate, also spoke.

Zepp-LaRouche’s presentation was titled, “How To Help the West To Better Understand the BRI,” and she began by addressing a central strategic issue:

“For most Chinese, it is very difficult to understand why so many institutions in the West react so negatively to the BRI, and why an anti-Chinese mood has been stirred up recently; why in the U.S.A., for example, Chinese scientists and 450,000 students are suspected of being spies, which is reminiscent of the worst days of the McCarthy period, while in Europe, some security authorities are making similar allegations. It is difficult to understand, because the Chinese people experience the reality of the BRI from a completely different perspective.”

Zepp-LaRouche continued: “China has developed into the second, in some categories even the first national economy in the world. Eight hundred million people have been liberated from poverty, a wealthy middle class of 300 million and soon 600 million people with a good standard of living, has developed.”

She then pointed to the breakdown crisis of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system as the root cause of the current confrontations:

“The crucial point is that a paradigm shift has taken place in the West since 1971, leading in the opposite direction to the path that China has taken.

“When President Nixon dissolved the Bretton Woods System, on Aug. 15, 1971, and thus the fixed exchange rates and gold standard of the dollar, he set the course for an increasing renunciation of a policy oriented toward the physical real economy, in favor of a policy interested in monetary profits of the financial economy, which was increasingly oriented toward maximizing profits. This tendency was reinforced, by the abolition of the Glass-Steagall banking separation system in 1999, and the subsequent complete deregulation of the financial markets, which led repeatedly to the formation of bubbles and finally the crash of 2008. And because the central banks have done absolutely nothing to change the causes of this crash, but on the contrary, since then, have promoted speculation in the casino economy at the expense of the real economy through continued quantitative easing, zero interest rates and now even negative interest rates, the transatlantic financial system, today, faces the danger of an even more dramatic crash than 11 years ago.

“The American economist Lyndon LaRouche, my recently deceased husband, warned in August 1971, farsightedly, that a continuation of Nixon’s monetarist policy would lead to the danger of a new depression and a new fascism, if it were not replaced by a new world economic order.

“LaRouche also opposed the Malthusian-motivated thesis of the Club of Rome of 1972, that allegedly the ‘limits to growth’ had been reached; a false doctrine on which the entire ecology movement is still based today and which has led to a greening of a large part of the party spectrum of the West.

“LaRouche replied with his book, There Are No Limits to Growth, which emphasizes the role of human creativity as the engine of scientific and technological progress as the factor that defines what a resource is. He also warned, at the time, that the shift in values towards a drug-sex-rock counterculture associated with this neo-liberal economic policy would, in the medium term, destroy the cognitive faculties of the population, and thus not only a cause cultural crisis, but also ruin the productivity of the economy.

“Unfortunately, this is exactly where we are today,” Zepp-LaRouche told her audience.

In discussions with associates yesterday, Zepp-LaRouche reported on her trip to China and elaborated on the strategic dangers facing the planet, emphasizing that the leadership of numerous key nations around the world look to the LaRouche movement in the United States and Europe as the voice of sanity which alone is providing policy solutions to the crisis. “We have a credibility internationally which almost nobody else as an organization has.” That is one of the reasons why it is so urgent that we exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, and his ideas, she stressed.

Turning to the current international situation, Zepp-LaRouche noted that “The Hong Kong situation is very, very serious,” and is proceeding as an all-out regime-change operation being conducted by the British Empire and their allies in the U.S. and Europe, “according to the classic Gene Sharp playbook.” Another very dangerous flashpoint is Saudi Arabia, where drones two days ago destroyed a major oil field and processing facility, which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promptly blamed on Iran, without bothering to present any evidence. Trigger-happy Sen. Lindsey Graham has in fact already called on the U.S. to bomb Iranian oil facilities, as the only way to get them to stop their “misbehavior.” Zepp-LaRouche warned that “if there is now a U.S.-Saudi attack on Iran, I think it could blow up not only Southwest Asia, but potentially the world.”

Meanwhile, the bankers’ Green Malthusian mobilization is escalating, with an emphasis on the late-September UN General Assembly, which is intended to consolidate the anti-human paradigm shift Lyndon LaRouche warned about nearly 50 years ago.

Zepp-LaRouche pointed to the success of the Schiller Institute’s International Days of Action carried out in 50 cities on 7 continents last week, as an example of the kind of organizing that is required to counter these dangers. “This was an excellent beginning of our international youth organizing, with the Days of Action, which did resonate: The idea that this is a global effort to counter the danger of eco-fascism and bring the world population back to the optimism associated with space travel. This mobilization should be maintained into the Oct. 5th International Observe the Moon Night, to recruit many young people and others into this effort to turn this situation around,” and provide an optimistic future based on science and classical culture.

Zepp-LaRouche concluded by pointing to the public exchange by LaRouche PAC national leader Kesha Rogers and NASA Director Jim Bridenstine, as the kind of policy discussion that is needed to get the country back on track.