Today: An International Call To Action for Mankind To Look to the Stars, on Six Continents

September 10, 2019
LaRouchePAC organizing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. September 4, 2019 (Daniel Burke/LaRouchePAC)
LaRouchePAC organizing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. September 4, 2019 (Daniel Burke/LaRouchePAC)

Today, Tuesday Sept. 10, is the first of two “Days of Action” this week, organized by the International Schiller Institute. Organizers on six continents (the Schiller Institute has not established an organization in Antarctica—yet) will be distributing the “International Call to Youth: The Age of Reason Is in the Stars!” written by Schiller Institute founder and Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche, translated into nine languages, to college campuses, calling on the upcoming generation to reject the anti-science and anti-human doomsday cult promoting the lie of anthropogenic climate change, and turn their eyes and their creative potential to the stars. It is there that the mind’s eye can read Mankind’s destiny—to bring dominion over the Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe, and subdue it, and to participate in the unfolding creation of that Universe on behalf of all future generations.

The Schiller Institute New York City Chorus advanced that quest for truth and beauty on Sunday, performing works of Bach, Brahms, Schubert, and several African American Spirituals, to honor the dead and the living on the anniversary of 9/11.

The urgency of this task cannot be overstated. Manhattan will be experiencing an onslaught of madness during the month of September. “Climate Strike” week, Sept. 20-27, is bringing anarchists and greenies to Manhattan to demonstrate at the UN during the opening week of the General Assembly, leading to an “International Rebellion” against scientific and industrial progress beginning Oct. 7, organized by the eco-fascist Extinction Rebellion, founded and led by psychedelic drug user and promoter Gail Bradbrook.

The abused child Greta Thunberg from Sweden—used by the eco-fascist movement to convince children and disturbed adults that the world will soon end if human progress is not ended immediately—will also be in New York for the psychological die-in. Bill McKibben, whose preaches the doomsday message in 188 countries, is mobilizing people to come to New York, while bragging that they have now coerced financial institutions to divest $11 trillion from the fossil fuel industries.

And, it must be noted, the child activist Joshua Wong from Hong Kong will also be in Manhattan at the same time as the Climate Strike activists. It was Wong who, at 17, was anointed the “leader” of the 2014 color revolution in Hong Kong called “Occupy Central,” and who was chosen again this year (by the National Endowment for Democracy and elements of the U.S. State Department) to be the supposed “leader” of this year’s still-ongoing Hong Kong color revolution, phase II. This is not a coincidence. Nor should anyone be surprised that the climate fraudsters and the regime change artists are controlled by the same interests—the financial lords of the City of London and Wall Street, the dying British Empire.

It is the common aims of mankind which can and must unite sovereign nations to defeat that Empire. The space-faring nations, especially the U.S., Russia, China, and India, are also the leading nations which refuse to submit to the insane notion that we must stop using fossil fuels, while also promoting the expansion of nuclear power and the development of fusion energy. This is the moment of decision for mankind.

Confucius loved to recite a poem from the Book of Songs, which reads in translation:

What do the Heavens say?
Do the four seasons proceed,
And all things come into being?
What do the Heavens say?