A Pregnant Moment

September 6, 2019
LaRouchePAC organizing at Columbia University. September 5, 2019 (Rachel Brown/LaRouchePAC)
LaRouchePAC organizing at Columbia University. September 5, 2019 (Rachel Brown/LaRouchePAC)

As colleges open up across the nation today, LaRouche movement organizers are finding a response there which most Americans would consider quite impossible. Are the campuses hotbeds of “political correctness,” self-censorship, and radical so-called “environmentalism”? They are. And most of the Democratic Presidential candidates endorse the insane idea of a “Green New Deal,” in part because of its appeal to the youth demographic.

The organizers have been distributing Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s inspiring leaflet, “The Age of Reason is in the Stars,” in which she seeks, in her words, to “rally the youth of the world to see that the climate-change madness is completely contrary to the true identity of man as a spacefaring species, which can, with space technology, attack any problem, including that of climate change.”

The response has been electric. Hundreds of youth are coming forward who want to discuss these ideas. Maybe the college students are not quite as brainwashed as some would like to believe—or hope. Campus organizing will intensify towards the International Days of Action across the world on September 10 and 12, which will be followed by international observances of NASA’s “Observe the Moon Night” on Oct. 5.

Similarly, the response of Americans of all ages in the street, is not at all what past behavior or the media would lead you to expect. The country is in total flux; great political shifts are underway whose outcome is still unclear. The old system has utterly failed; a new system is needed, and it is to be found in Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas. Those who earlier supported him for years are continuing to come forward into the action of today. Others grasp as if intuitively that the Moon-Mars space program is essential if a future is to be insured for our country and the world. The response bridges generations and overleaps partisan politics.

We are pulling together a new political coalition in this country, which bridges generations. Whatever our own problems and uncertainties, there is no one else who understands the way forward. In these days and hours we are defining the future. Join us.