Helicopter Money and Green Finance Will Not Fund the Artemis Moon-Mars Mission

August 29, 2019
President Donald J. Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continue to talk at the conclusion of their working breakfast meeting Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, at Hotel du Palais Biarritz in Biarritz, France, site of the G7 Summit. (Official WH Photo)
President Donald J. Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson continue to talk at the conclusion of their working breakfast meeting Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019, at Hotel du Palais Biarritz in Biarritz, France, site of the G7 Summit. (Official WH Photo)

U.S. President Donald Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson are both promoting vast infrastructure and industrial development projects for their nations, but both are proceeding blindly, ignoring the (now very openly acknowledged) financial breakdown crisis facing Europe and the United States. Boris Johnson today suspended the Parliament, from Sept. 9 to Oct. 14, with a “Queen’s Speech” on the final day, in which the new government under Johnson will announce its program. According to Johnson, this will include huge increases in spending, for increased wages, health care, technology, infrastructure and more. No mention of how to fund the program, nor of the fact that the City of London and the Bank of England are essentially admitting that the system is bankrupt and ready to collapse, calling for “helicopter money” (as econo-quack Milton Friedman and former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke quaintly called it), more QE, and negative interest rates, in a frantic effort to keep things afloat for a few more weeks or months. Even worse, they are demanding that credit be diverted from productive investments (which emit carbon, you see) and into wasteful and unproductive “green” boondoggles.

Unfortunately, much the same can be said of President Trump, who today in a tweet praised the negative interest rates now in place in Germany: “At the G-7 in France, all of the other Leaders were giddy about how low their Interest Costs have gone. Germany is actually ‘getting paid’ to borrow money - ZERO INTEREST PLUS! No Clue Fed!” But, as Lyndon LaRouche never failed to point out, money is dumb, as opposed to credit, which is based on the creation of a physical reality in the future. Pumping money into a wildly speculative system, without direction, without directing that credit towards a productive outcome, is the cause of the escalating crisis in the Western financial system. That was the genius of Alexander Hamilton’s credit system, as recognized by only a few precious Presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.

But, fortunately, President Trump has launched a crash program to return to the Moon, and to build industrial capacity there to prepare for human colonization of Mars—the Artemis Project. Jack Kennedy’s Apollo Program generated a return to the real economy of approximately 14:1 for every dollar invested, through new technologies with applications across the productive platform of the national and global economies. It inspired a generation of youth to the potentials of the human race, to truly bring dominion over the Earth and the Solar System. That inspiration was drowned in drugs, environmentalism, perpetual wars, and cultural decadence, as the British-driven “68ers” systematically crushed the American System through the British free-market, libertarian takeover of the nation. The “Green New Deal” and the “Extinction Rebellion” fanatics today are an evil and genocidal extension of that “68er” degeneracy.

Can Trump’s Artemis revive the American spirit? If the space-faring nations of the world are brought together, it is eminently possible. If Russia, China, India, Japan and the European space effort are united in this great American-led project, they can, together, both conquer space for mankind, while also cooperating in dealing with the collapse of the financial system through a New Bretton Woods agreement—to return to a credit system, eliminate the $1.5 quadrillion in worthless gambling debts and launch real development. China’s Belt and Road is the model, proving to the developing nations that they can, at long last, end poverty and develop as modern industrial nations.

The Schiller Institute is mobilizing international days of action in early September, to bring all of mankind, especially the youth, together in support of the Moon-Mars mission, to look to the stars, and to reject the modern-day flagellants of the climate change movement. Our children must not be allowed to be abused and tormented by the psychotic “end of the world” cults which are now treated as if they were based on science. Our children deserve to be treated as truly human, with the potential to experience the joy of creative discovery, and to aspire to bringing development to their generation and to their posterity during their brief but precious time on this Earth, or on other celestial bodies. A common statement, to be translated into many languages, will be taken to campuses across Europe, the U.S., Africa, Asia and Ibero America. It is a time for action.