Science and Classical Culture or Fake Narratives; Your Life Depends On Your Choice Now - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

August 22, 2019

Science and Classical Culture or Fake Narratives; Your Life Depends On Your Choice Now

Helga Zepp LaRouche succinctly described her husband’s political philosophy yesterday: “Lyn has been stressing that all the time you have to have politics based on the physical laws of the universe, and the only people who know that are people who believe in discovery which is universal because you can replicate it through experiments throughout the world; and that is a question of science, that’s not a question of opinion. So, the application of science and classical art principles, as in the great classical compositions, that has to become the basis for politics.”

Now, the physical laws of the universe are speaking loudly that the present economic situation world- wide is not sustainable; we are headed for a reckoning. LaRouche’s solutions, the Four Laws for Economic Recovery and a New Bretton Woods System must be urgently implemented, not as aspirational slogans but as real policies which will determine whether you have a future or whether the world will enter a New Dark Age. Opinions are locked in present dynamics; dynamics which fail to recognize the emergent forces and poetry which can bring a prosperous future into being, dynamics which because they cannot produce a new and expanded economy, ultimately dictate economic failure and death.

We are building a movement throughout the country based on the unified mission of implementing the same scientific outlooks and policies which dominated LaRouche’s life and were last concretely expressed in NASA’s Apollo mission. These Committees on Correspondence must become the hegemonic policy force in the nation, as were the same committees during the American Revolution. Join us for tonight’s discussion.