Stop London’s Planned ‘Color Revolution’ in Hong Kong

August 14, 2019
HK protesters mobbed the Hong Kong Airport and brought it to a standstill. August 12, 2019 (Photo: Studio Incendo/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)
HK protesters mobbed the Hong Kong Airport and brought it to a standstill. August 12, 2019 (Photo: Studio Incendo/Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

The July 20 celebration of the 50th anniversary of Man’s landing on the Moon served as a powerful reminder to the entirety of humanity—all 7.5 billion of us—that there is a way forward for our species, a way based on peaceful cooperation among all nations on achieving the scientific breakthroughs needed to go back to space, and to solve the problems of poverty, financial collapse, and cultural decadence here on Earth. It reminded us that there is no need to tolerate the British Empire’s policy of Malthusian genocide and induced pessimism, which today masquerades in the form of a radically “green” environmentalist movement which brazenly calls for such depopulation.

And for anyone looking closely, and with a sense of the last half-century’s history, the Apollo 11 anniversary also demonstrated that Lyndon LaRouche was right all along in his concept for a fast-track program for fusion energy-based space exploration, as well as urging for a Four Power alliance—among the United States, China, Russia and India—to destroy the British Empire and lead the way for all nations out of the current crisis.

Such a Four Power alliance is the only way to avoid the twin dangers of a global financial meltdown, and a strategic confrontation between the U.S. and China, and the U.S. and Russia, which the British are trying to unleash—dangers which are both now on the immediate agenda facing the planet.

One of the most dangerous such hot spots is Hong Kong, where the British have launched a full-scale “color revolution” designed to not only destabilize Hong Kong itself, but to force the Chinese government to intervene militarily—as they have said they would if forced to, since Hong Kong is, after all, a part of China and not a separate sovereign nation. From there it would be a short step to provoke some sort of deadly violence, possibly by a “third force” run by foreign intelligence services, to then have a bloody shirt to wave.

It is worth remembering the both China and Russia have explicitly identified such “color revolutions” as a form of modern warfare.

The Chinese government and semi-official media have also been explicit that they see foreign hands behind the Hong Kong destabilization—both the British, who are the historic colonial power in Hong Kong, as well as pro-British elements ensconced in the Trump Administration, such as Mike Pompeo’s State Department, National Security Adviser John Bolton’s assets, and of course unhinged Members of Congress. President Trump has been far more measured, stating he understands the bind the Chinese government has been put in, “But I’m sure it’ll work out. I hope it works out for everybody, including China, by the way.”

The Aug. 12 edition of China Daily, for example, ran an article denouncing the historic role of the British, reminding people that “after slaughtering thousands in the Opium Wars, Britain flooded the country with the drug, killing countless more.” China Daily also reminded its readers: “Let’s not forget the millions of Indians killed in the Bengal famine engineered under British rule.”

Yet Britain’s Hong Kong provocation, as dangerous as it is, is only one among a number of similar destabilizations that they have unleashed with their global “strategy of tension,” which includes:

  • The crisis in Kashmir, where India and Pakistan have been once again brought to the point of war over that disputed territory. China also views its national sovereignty as being threatened by India’s unilateral revocation of Kashmir’s autonomy, so there are now three nuclear powers—India, Pakistan and China—on a potential collision course which could even unleash regional nuclear war. China’s Xinhua news service again pointed the finger in the right direction: “When the South Asian subcontinent gained its independence after World War II, the British colonialists left behind them the Mountbatten Plan and a divided region, the root cause of turmoil and violence.”

  • The ongoing attempted coup d’état against President Donald Trump, whom the British House of Lords have explicitly identified as a threat to their continued global dominance. Part of that ongoing coup is the broader “strategy of tension” underway in the United States itself in the form of mass shootings, increasingly oriented towards suicidal “green” Malthusian ideology.

  • The economic warfare and other forms of destabilization variously targetting Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and of course China.

None of these policies actually serves American interests. Their common denominator is to extend the old paradigm of pessimism, warfare, and economic speculation and looting. They are designed to further the British Empire’s drive for preventing an alliance of the Four Powers from replacing their bankrupt system with one based on scientific advance, global economic development, and international cooperation among sovereign nation states. That, and nothing less than that, is America’s actual national interest: the common good of all mankind.

Lyndon LaRouche, you see, was right all along.