If You Want to End the Staged Political and Street Violence, Trump's Moon Mars Mission Is the Answer - LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

August 8, 2019

Embrace the Moon-Mars Mission, the True Spark for An Urgent Change In Culture - LaRouchePAC Fireside

Almost as soon as the "Russia, Russia, Russia!!!" attack on the U.S. Presidency collapsed with Robert Mueller’s mentally vacant Congressional testimony, a new narrative, a new phase of the coup was put into place, complete with actual violent choreography and the killing of innocents. This attack emanates from the same British imperial forces and psychological warriors who invented the myth of Russiagate. It is not just an attack on Trump designed to ensure his defeat in 2020. It is an attack on the entire nation’s ability to reason about and assess reality, as the world’s economy teeters on the edge of yet another collapse. Most of all it is targeted at our youth —those who, historically, have brought about great and historical change at major turning points in history, such as the crisis we now face. President Trump said this week, correctly, that a change in culture was urgent and he is clearly trying to figure out how to do that.

As usual, Lyndon LaRouche has given us a solution — the Moon-Mars Mission which President Trump has endorsed and which our collaborators must now make the central issue of the coming Presidential campaign. Identity politics, biological determinism, zero population growth ideologies, green ideologies are the historical tools of Empire, as LaRouche emphasized when he founded this political movement. By contrast, the human capacity for creative reason is at play if the public mind and imagination is engaged in the crash program to go to the Moon and Mars, the actual natural state of the human mind. Lawfully, minds so engaged, minds with the joy in discovery and curiosity of childhood, will not tolerate the irrational, pessimistic, and cynical now parading as our public discourse. This can be the spark for the necessary cultural change. Join us for tonight’s discussion as we campaign to make this happen.