The Democratic Party's Own Extinction Event

August 2, 2019
Democratic Party Presidential Debate 2019. (CBS Screengrab)
Democratic Party Presidential Debate 2019. (CBS Screengrab)

The last two days in U.S. news coverage were dominated by CNN's roadshow known as the Democratic Party Presidential Debates. Other significant events were occurring in the world. The U.S. President, freed from the Russiagate vise, is discussing initiating trade talks with Russia. Britain, which houses the monstrous City of London financial octopus now threatening to implode, has a new prime minister, Boris Johnson. His assistant, the philosophical bomb thrower Dominic Cummings, whatever his other faults, advocates running government on the basis of NASA's Apollo program, using the innovative crash-program management policies of NASA's George Mueller. The United States itself was bathed in scientific and cultural optimism as the Apollo Moon landing was celebrated amidst President Trump's commitment to return to the Moon, colonize it, and then voyage to Mars. These great events, located in the future, rather than the intellectually constipated mumblings of the Democratic little men and women, the true heirs to Jonathan Swift's Yahoos, are what voters should be following and shaping. They are much more inspiring and healthy than throwing shoes at your television set or crashing your computer in disgust.

Each and every Democratic candidate declared their support, in various degrees, for the Green New Deal which would effectively deindustrialize the United States and is now deindustrializing Germany. This is part of the Extinction Rebellion movement being foisted on the world by the British oligarchy.

The London-run "ecology" movement has existed for 50 years, but the whole scheme is suddenly falling together now, with the recent election of Ursula von der Leyen as President of the European Commission, the presence of thousands of crazed youth and even children in the streets across Europe, culminating in a "Global Climate Strike" Sept 20-27, and the forthcoming UN Climate Summit Sept 23, followed by yet another in Chile in December. The spear-point of the movement, the "Extinction Rebellion" (XR) which lures children to skip school for the sake of illegal actions in the streets, has said it will occupy the German auto fair in September. XR, founded in Britain in Oct., 2018 by City of London investment bankers with psychiatrists and psychologists, is the latest most extreme tentacle of this synthetic movement, verging into terrorism.

All at once, the long-held goal of this 50 year-old London-spawned pestilence has suddenly become clear. It is to forcibly choke off all investment, worldwide, which is not "green." There are plans to do this by legislation to come into effect between this fall and January, 2020, in Germany and Europe-wide. This will mean a windfall for the "green" bankers of London, pulling in masses of liquidity, amidst the possible collapse of the financial system. At the same time, the investments needed to sustain human life are withdrawn, and the British eugenicists' dream of a depopulated world becomes reality. If you imagine that this could never happen, think again--it has long been happening already. It is widely and reliably reported that no international financing for coal-fired power plants for energy-starved nations is available apart from China. This includes non-polluting clean coal power.

We should ask the question, "who benefits?" This is a situation where the targeted forces are quite unaware of the reality.

Returning to the "debates": At the same time, most of the Democrats declared their support for Medicare for all, including anyone crossing into the United States via open borders. This was the major policy focus in both debates. The alternative proposed, by the aging and gaffe-driven Joe Biden, was modified Obamacare, the bailout arranged by Obama and Biden for the insurance companies in the face of the 2008 financial collapse. Throughout, each and every Democrat struggled to outdo themselves by calling the President a racist or, like children in your garden variety schoolyard, hurling the same epithet at each other.

Lyndon LaRouche said, repeatedly, that healthcare, now in pure inflated dollar numbers representing 20% of the U.S. economy, cannot be rationally discussed without first figuring out how to drastically expand economic productivity. This economic expansion must be accompanied by a cultural paradigm shift in which medicine once again becomes a profession of service rather than a rentier financial entity savaging the population for profit. Without that economic expansion, a return to Hill-Burton standards of access, and that shift in paradigm, the Democrats proposals for healthcare will bankrupt Medicare, an already inadequate system in which practitioners can't even recover their costs. It is painfully obvious that none of the Democrats has a clue about how to expand productivity or run an economy which is capable of reproducing itself at higher levels of wealth. Instead, they are focused on how to redistribute existing wealth, arguing that this will somehow rain dollar bills down on their suffering constituents out of "rich people's" pockets. Trump's space program was not mentioned once, nor was the implicitly required crash program to develop fusion power, both of which will radically boost productivity, if accomplished. And, accomplishing that shift requires a paradigm shift into classic American mental toughness and intellectual daring, as most completely embodied in the genius of Lyndon LaRouche and his science of political economy.

Given all of this, it is hardly surprising that Oprah veteran, millionaire self-help guru Marianne Williamson dominated all debate google searches following her appearances as a candidate in Tuesday's debate. She claimed that Donald Trump had unloosed "dark psychic forces" upon the land. According to The Hill, Williamson supporters have organized an ""occult task force" on her behalf. "A group of 13 chaos magicians, witches and energy workers were doing synchronized `gestures' to help their candidate gain more visibility in the presidential race and more airtime during Tuesday's Democratic debate," according to one of her supporters. "The whole orb gang community is tapping into the power of memes to reflect back on, and multiply, the sort of pulsing undercurrents of our collective unconscious," one person told the Washington Post in an email. Williamson is reportedly seeking to distance herself from such efforts.