The Broader Strategic Implications of the Darroch Affair

July 10, 2019
Former Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama, Jeh Johnson, hosts a meeting with Sir Kim Darroch, British Ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, D.C., May 4, 2016. Official DHS photo by Barry Bahler.
Former Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama, Jeh Johnson, hosts a meeting with Sir Kim Darroch, British Ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, D.C., May 4, 2016. Official DHS photo by Barry Bahler.

The July 7 leak of extensive diplomatic traffic between Britain’s Ambassador to the U.S. Sir Kim Darroch and the U.K.’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is quickly becoming a lit stick of dynamite that threatens to blow apart the entire “special relationship” between the U.S. and the United Kingdom, which has been the linchpin of the British Empire’s global control during the entire post-war period.

In a discussion with associates today, Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche commented that the prospects of defeating the bankrupt British system of financial speculation and geopolitics “are getting better by the day, and whoever is the whistleblower who revealed what happened around this British ambassador in Washington is doing humanity a big favor. But let me put in the caveat that when the power of the British Empire is about to crumble because it’s being exposed all over the place, this means we are also moving in an extremely dangerous period,because the British always like to have ‘a splendid little war’ when they don’t get their way. And right now, the situation concerning Iran is building up in a very dangerous way.”

Zepp-LaRouche further discussed the way in which these developments open the door to reverse the entire paradigm shift which has swept the Americas and Europe over the last half-century.

Crucial to the British Empire’s paradigm shift since the 1960s, towards an anti-science zero growth outlook and a view of Man as nothing but a hedonistic animal, was their orchestrated broadside against the idea of Man’s ability to bring about unending progress, and against the foremost American exponent of that idea in this era, Lyndon LaRouche. On top of his frameup and incarceration—by the same political hit-men now trying to topple the Trump Presidency—the British have conducted a decades-long campaign of vilification and ridicule against LaRouche’s central ideas, designed to make sure that no one takes them seriously enough to study them in depth and use them to forge a New Renaissance.

Two key examples suffice to make the point. First, they scoff at the idea that the British Empire continues to be a dominant planetary power, often controlling the very Presidency of the United States.

But the leaked diplomatic cables of Britain’s Ambassador to Washington Kim Darroch—whom President Donald Trump has accurately characterized as a “very stupid guy” and a “pompous fool”—confirm LaRouche’s charges against the British in spades. Darroch writes openly about setting up a system where they cultivate everyone to whom Trump speaks (“flood the zone”), so that he only gets the British view fed back to him in one form or another. As further details begin to emerge, it now turns out that National Security Adviser John Bolton is one of Sir Kim’s regular chummy interlocutors.

It should also be noted, that this approach is not only the way the British operate to control the Presidency and other targeted important individuals; it is also the way their massive cultural brainwashing operations are designed to control the population as well. They feed you a palette of options to choose from—all of which are designed by them, all of which are degrading to your actual creative capabilities. So beware of what you “like!” It’s probable that the British have “flooded your zone” as well.

Another key revelation to emerge from the Darroch cables is Britain’s intent to manipulate the United States into a military conflict with Iran—over the President’s gut objection to such adventures. In fact, the more the British Empire’s power feels threatened, politically and financially, the more likely they are to launch an orchestrated provocation in Iran or elsewhere. The danger on this front is growing.

A second key idea strongly associated with LaRouche, and despised by the British, is the idea that Man must and will return to space, and will explore and colonize the Moon, Mars and beyond. The British have for decades tried to get the entire planet to join them in cynical, snide laughter at such concepts.

But now precisely that idea is the adopted policy, to one degree or another, of the governments of the United States, Russia, China and India. True, it cannot be actually achieved without a rebuilding of the world economy based on a science- driver orientation, with a Hamiltonian credit system to match, and there are definite shortcomings in the understanding of how to do that, of the science of physical economy, in each of those four great powers.

But Lyndon LaRouche’s body of work stands ready and available to guide that task, to which end his full exoneration becomes the decisive strategic requirement.