LaRouche Said, 'Go to the Moon and Mars'; The British Ambassador Said, 'Go to War'

July 9, 2019
President Donald Trump and Sir Kim Darroch (right), who said the White House had become 'uniquely dysfunctional' (photo:
President Donald Trump and Sir Kim Darroch (right), who said the White House had become 'uniquely dysfunctional' (photo:

The actions of London and British intelligence to push President Trump out of office, or push him into a permanent war policy, have been laid bare again. The cables of British Ambassador to Washington Sir Kim Darroch, leaked to the Daily Mail, show London doing both, in a combined interference in the U.S. Presidential election and U.S. Presidential policy. Darroch in mid-2017 assured London that it would be shown Trump and his campaign had colluded with Russia, and that Trump had committed obstruction of justice -- neither of which Special Counsel Mueller was able to show in two years of extreme legal hardball.

Concluding Trump was "indestructible" by Mueller, the Ambassador then turned to play a "Trump supporter" among diplomats while, in his words, London "flooded the zone" of Trump's friends and backers with British urging to attack Syria, to rearm NATO to confront Russia, to play hardball with Iran, and so on.

What Sir Kim Darroch thought of Trump personally – the obsession of most news coverage of the leaked cables – is irrelevant. What is important is the advice Darroch made sure was "flooding the zone" of Trump's circles: Tell him to go to war. The 2017-19 strategy of interference in which the British Ambassador played a now- exposed part, is so similar to the 2015-16 British intelligence strategy of entrapment of members of Trump's campaign circles in "Russiagate", that Attorney General William Barr's counterintelligence investigation of the "Russiagate" spy plot must also include Darroch's attempt to impose British policy.

We know what advice to President Trump was never pushed by the Ambassador, nor the Prime Minister or the Queen, nor British Intelligence MI6. That is the advice to go back to space. Take America back to the Moon, along with other spacefaring nations, and develop it as the base to go on to Mars and beyond. That was always Lyndon LaRouche's proposal, since his convening a major conference on the work of space pioneer Krafft Ehricke in 1985, and his dramatic "Woman on Mars" television program of 1988.

British intelligence attacked the "uncontrolled optimism" of NASA's space exploration already with the Tavistock Institute's Rapoport Report of 1964, which said space travel should be shut down.

When Lyndon LaRouche became known worldwide for his programs to return to the Moon and go on to Mars -- and for his attacks on the British imperial enemy of the United States! -- British media continually ridiculed and vilified him for both. Now President Trump has chosen, decisively, the return to the Moon by 2024 and the development of Mars travel from there. And as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 approaches, China's rover is on the unexplored far side of the Moon and India will launch a rover next week to its unexplored south pole.

It's time for the United States to join with these spacefarers, and with Russia, in a scientific and economic collaboration, a new paradigm which can isolate and exclude imperial London. And time for the United States to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, so that his "four new economic laws" and all his advice can be understood and taken.