A New Human Paradigm Requires U.S.-China Cooperation!

May 29, 2019
Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jingping exchange greetings at the APEC Summit | November 11, 2017 (Official Whitehouse Photo)
Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jingping exchange greetings at the APEC Summit | November 11, 2017 (Official Whitehouse Photo)

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued a clarion call today for Lyndon LaRouche’s movement in the United States to take the lead in mobilizing a force sufficiently powerful to crush the Anglophile American Establishment’s drive to provoke a confrontation between the United States and China.

People must be awakened: “We cannot have the world separated into two blocs, going back into a Cold War period, because this would be the absolute collapse of the world economy, and have devastating military and strategic consequences,” she warned.

The American people must ask who, or rather what, is setting the United States up for this potential disaster?

The same British Empire-run “Intelligence Community” which vilified, prosecuted, and jailed American statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche in its desperation to suppress his ideas; the same U.K.-U.S. “Intelligence Community” now finally under official investigation for its attempted coup against the duly-elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. This is the police-state apparatus which is mobilizing, in the words of FBI Director Christopher Wray, a “whole of society” effort to convince the American people that China is now the “generational threat” which must be contained and defeated.

The very idea that a nation of 1.4 billion people committed to the development of themselves, and now the rest of the world through the Belt and Road Initiative, can be “contained,” is arrogant self-delusion. Yet these enemies of the United States Republic are pumping out an onslaught of lies on how China’s success in lifting its people—one-fifth of the human race!—out of backwardness and poverty is a threat to America’s “way of life.”

Not all Americans have been suckered into that lie. That was shown in last week’s “U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit” in Kentucky, where 400 American and Chinese officials and businessmen spoke of how Chinese and Americans have “the very same value system,” of working hard to provide better lives for their children.

But the war on China has not stopped. The declarations by U.S. government agencies that China is now an enemy, the wild actions to shut down Chinese telecom giant Huawei, and Robert Lighthizer’s and his allies’ determination to turn trade negotiations into a weapon to impose controls upon China’s domestic development, combined, has shaken China’s confidence that the United States can be a friend. Zepp-LaRouche reported from her discussions during her just-concluded 12-day trip to China, that there is huge disappointment among many in China over the collapse of what they had thought was a positive relationship, starting with President Xi Jinping’s visit with President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago in April 2017, and they have come to the conclusion that, on the current path, the U.S. aim is to prevent the rise of China.

An adversarial relationship between the U.S. and China will kill the possibility of reaching the urgently required Four Power agreement proposed by Lyndon LaRouche, in which the U.S., Russia, China, and India join forces to lead humanity in replacing the British imperial system and its evil concept of Man as a beast, she warned.

Zepp-LaRouche called attention to a key paragraph in the May 27 editorial in Global Times, where the leading English-language daily in China wrote: “In a politically diverse U.S. society, there is no powerful force that opposes extreme policies against China. Although there are criticisms of the trade war, most of them analyze specific interests. They have no strategic rethinking of how to prevent escalation. U.S. suppression of China is still expanding.”

The LaRouche movement and the Schiller Institute “are very well known in China—actually, several people said that we are famous in China; Lyndon LaRouche is absolutely respected as one of the most profound thinkers in terms of economics,” she reported. “The better-informed people in China know what we are doing in the U.S. and Europe, but, they [Global Times] also say, ‘there is no powerful force...,’ a force which would be able to counter what they see clearly as the combination of the war party of the Democrats and the neo-cons in the Republican Party,” she stressed.

Therefore, she issued the call for the LaRouche forces to take the lead in the U.S. in refuting the anti-China propaganda, because it is not based on reality, and to use the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche to move the Trump Administration into the New Paradigm.

Zepp-LaRouche defined the New Paradigm in simple, beautiful terms, arguing that “the New Paradigm means, among other things, to think in terms of the kind of international relations which are adequate to the human species. You want the relations among nations to be like in a good family, where the uncle wants the nephew to become a genius; where the grandmother wants to have the granddaughter to be the best singer in the world; where the children want to have best possible old-age time for their parents and grandparents—in other words, where you want the best for the other nation, and you think how to bring forward the best potential of all nations in the world.”