The Coming Eurasian World of Lyndon LaRouche

March 29, 2019

The Coming The Eurasian World of Lyndon LaRouche

Join us LIVE Saturday at 2pm eastern featuring Jacques Cheminade, president of the French party, Solidarité & Progrès. Lyndon LaRouche’s 2005 book "Earth’s Next Fifty Years," contains an essay entitled ‘Toward a Second Treaty of Westphalia:The Coming Eurasian World.' The visit of China’s Xi Jinping to Italy last week, preceded by a Milan seminar featuring Helga Zepp-LaRouche and an official of the Italian government, was a partial actualization of LaRouche’s vision. Now, a United States, soon to be freed from the imperial geopolitical outlook of the British Empire through exposure of the true hand behind the Russiagate hoax, can finally adopt LaRouche’s grand design for America, Russia, China, and India—a “Four Powers” agreement to form a new Bretton Woods credit and monetary system, a “New Bretton Woods".



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