Class Series: Could YOU design a New Bretton Woods?

January 4, 2019
Four Powers United for a New Bretton Woods

Lyndon LaRouche has called on the United States, Russia, China, and India to work together for a huge, biggest-ever reform of the world economy. Looking back to FDR’s ideas to end colonialism at the end of WWII, LaRouche calls this reform a “New Bretton Woods.”

This is an urgent necessity, and it's a tough concept to understand.

That's why LaRouchePAC is offering a series of six classes on the science and ideas behind this initiative, starting Jan 5, this Saturday, at 2pm eastern. You'll learn:

• Why entropy is not a universal principle.
• What the mind of a scientist can teach us about creating economic wealth.
• The relationship between culture and science.
• Why the sovereign nation state isn't just a historical accident — it's an economic technology!

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