A Worse Lie than 'Russiagate': Hiding the Progress of Humanity

January 3, 2019
Helga Zepp-LaRouche during her New Year's 2019 Address. (EIRNS/Framegrab)
Helga Zepp-LaRouche during her New Year's 2019 Address. The video is posted below. (EIRNS/Framegrab)

The new year begins with a paradox, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche has noted in discussion with its organizations this week, and in her New Year's message. Many nations in the world are moving toward a new paradigm of economic cooperation and peace, out of an era of geopolitical wars and confrontations orchestrated by British imperial circles. This new paradigm appears not only in the growth of China's New Silk Road of great infrastructure cooperation; but also in President Trump's diplomacy over the Korean Peninsula; in the improving cooperation of Japan with Russia; of Japan and India with China; of the formerly warring nations of the Horn of Africa; yes, even in the potential ending of "permanent war" in Southwest Asia by mutually reinforcing actions of Presidents Trump and Putin, and Erdogan of Turkey.

Yet average "informed citizens" of the United States or the nations of Europe would never know it. The media of their countries overwhelmingly describe the end of 2018 as distopian, chaotic, hopeless, unless they can succeed in driving Donald Trump from office and restoring "Atlanticist" leaders, climate tax believers, and full confrontation against Russia and China. The surprise constructive relationship between Trump and Mexico's new President Lopez Obrador, for example, does not exist for these media nor their credulous readers. But it has raised the potential for real development of North and Central America. The growing potential of peace in South and Southwest Asia does not exist for them, only the supposed "grave dangers" to the world, of U.S. troops coming home from Syria and Afghanistan!

Because the Schiller Institute and the LaRouches have worked for decades to prepare the world land-bridge development paradigm now enfolding scores of countries in the Belt and Road Initiative, they are now working as a dominant factor internationally. Since they have fought for the Peace of Westphalia approach of ending war by agreeing to "benefit the other," Helga LaRouche observed that they are now exercising extraordinary influence despite tiny apparent forces.

The real danger lies not in the alleged "threat to Europe of the Belt and Road Initiative" or any such raving against human progress, but in the imminent threat of another blowout of the London- and Wall Street-centered financial system, as in 2008 or worse.

Now the specific policies for bank separation and productive credit which the Schiller Institute has put into its reports, are on the agenda. These, and productive cooperation in space exploration, development of unlimited fusion energy and plasma technology, are the immediate prospects needed in 2019.

As Helga LaRouche concluded her message: "We are at an absolute, historic branching point. We can shape a new era of civilization where we overcome geopolitics for good. And I would ask you, work with the Schiller Institute, so that we can convince the remaining nations which are still sticking to the old ways, and get especially the European nations to join the New Paradigm, and we can make a fantastic future if we work together."

Watch Helga's New Year's Address.