Mueller's Latest: Our Torquemada and His Star Chamber Goons Destroy the U.S. Constitution to the Cheers of Mad Dem Donors

December 12, 2018

Once again, the media’s funeral dirge for the Trump presidency is at high and piercing volume. The “walls” which have been ready to completely “close in” for months, are in motion once again, according to the overused metaphor employed by the media. This time the legal firing squad is directed at the President’s family and the Trump organization’s financial dealings. The charge of prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, deputized by Robert Mueller, that the President committed two felonies and could face jail, is the opening salvo in this campaign.

During the midterm election, American voters told the candidates they rejected the idea of impeachment. They wanted economic progress. As a result, the word “impeachment” was almost uniformly banned from the majority of successful Democratic Party House campaigns. Instead, all the talk was about things people actually care about: healthcare, infrastructure, the drug plague, education, better jobs, a return to fundamental economic progress. These are the same economic issues which won Donald Trump the 2016 election, in defiance of the equally repugnant neo-liberal, free trade nostrums of both political parties. Many of the newly elected Democrats also swore to their voters that they would work with President Trump to advance the nation.

Over the course of December’s first week, a silence descended on the new members of the House, portending that all that talk about serving the good of the nation was actually a sham, duping not only the voters but also the candidates themselves. The money, you see, the milk of present politics, is all lined up, as it has always been, behind ousting this President by any means necessary. Not on board? “Well,” say those who whisper to the newbies, “just watch all that money that was poured into your Congressional election in 2018 suddenly and completely evaporate.”

This entire affair is a knife fight. It is not a debate about whether the legal assassin, Robert Mueller, has found impeachable crimes or not. As he has repeatedly demonstrated, he does not care about constitutional or legal niceties. Mueller has two tasks: (1) take out Trump by any fig leaf he can invent; and (2) cover up all the crimes committed in the process. A wall of money is financing this process. They are banking on the economic chaos which will accompany a new financial crash. They are banking that the American people and their representatives are tired of this fight, complacent. The President is not some kind of Road Runner cartoon figure, escaping each time to our merriment. They are coming for him and you. They go down or we go down.

So, over the weekend of December 8-9, we had Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), (whose name the President puns, most appropriately), pontificating, that the President faces indictment and jail, because of hush money payments, made during the campaign, about alleged sexual affairs which occurred decades ago. In addition, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who will head the House Judiciary Committee, where impeachment starts, said the same payments could mean impeachment. Nadler further vowed to shut down any investigation of the British information warfare operation and DOJ/FBI criminality coordinated from Obama’s White House against Donald Trump. He called this investigation a “waste of time.”

In the meantime, General Motors shut down numerous plants, throwing thousands out of work, and only the President himself seemed to take any notice. His party is ideologically opposed to intervention. Democrats froze because it would mean working with Trump.

Across the pond, the British government teetered, over the same weekend, on the brink of collapse over Brexit while the French government faced a mass strike against the austerity wrought by failed economics and the mandates imposed on the population by the suicidal globalist myth of man-made climate change. The Italians are also in the process of revolt against the globalist order, demanding a productive economy and economic freedom. Look to this dynamic when analyzing what appears to be the sudden frantic upshift in the coup against Trump here. Look to this to understand why they want to throw him in jail or kill him.

The City of London’s globalist financial order, the Anglo-Dutch system, that huge bubble of derivatives, credit default swaps, and sketchy corporate debt, has begun its inevitable collapse. Under such circumstances, the British and Wall Street cannot have Donald Trump in charge of the American economy. He is the wild card who could ensure their deserved doom. He could work with China, Russia, and India to stabilize the world’s economy through a new fixed exchange rate system, cancellation of the entire funny money debt, while putting the world’s economy through a massive expansion of infrastructure and development of new water and power sources, such as nuclear fusion. This is the New Bretton Woods proposal of Lyndon LaRouche—the only path out of new financial destruction.

Lyndon LaRouche on the fundamentals of a sovereign, global credit system.

Instead of a trade war based on goods and services produced in the economy of the present, the United States, China, India, and Russia could engage in treaty negotiations for technology transfers which could power a prosperous next 50 years for all of humanity. This is Lyndon LaRouche’s concept of the necessary Four Power agreements to implement a New Bretton Woods. China with its great Belt and Road infrastructure building project (premised on the same principles through which Franklin Roosevelt created our once most powerful economy in the world), and Russia, will both completely agree to this. India will jump on board, as will Japan, Korea, and other advanced sector economies. That is exactly the danger the British see in Donald Trump’s personal relationships with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. The unique mix of cultures, resources, and scientific expertise represented by the United States, China, Russia, and India, would destroy the financial power of the British Empire, overcome the effects of a new financial crash, and open the door to a new renaissance for mankind.

The globalist plan for managing this crash, by contrast, involves using the ensuing social crisis and the climate change myth to impose savage austerity on whole societies, salvaging their political power while shifting entire nations back into small localist and feudalist structures, powered, as in feudal times, by windmills and the sun—societies completely incapable of supporting the world’s present human population. This plan is being pushed politically in the United States as the Green New Deal. In addition, like all empires, the British intend to parasitically absorb Russia and China, an intention already underway through endless British psyops and provocations, an intention which can only lead to world war. They know that Donald Trump will never, ever, sign on to this.

These are the real stakes, not the fake reality presented to you every day by the media.

Robert Mueller’s Cheap Thrills

Robert Mueller’s investigation appears to be winding down. He has not found a smoking gun concerning “collusion” between Trump’s campaign and Russia, since there never was any. Instead, the intent all along has been to permanently damage relationships between the United States and Russia, preventing Trump from realizing his campaign pledge for better relations, while totally undermining his ability to govern, and his perception by the public. This is the groundwork for taking him out by fake legal process of otherwise. In addition, Mueller has been assigned to create so much sulfurous smoke about Russia and the President’s finances that the public will forget the fact that the Trump campaign was targeted for destruction by a foreign government, the British, in a conspiracy with the Obama White House and its intelligence agencies, to swing the election to Hillary Clinton and, when that did not succeed, to orchestrate an outright coup against a sitting President of the United States. This is how hybrid propaganda psyops, disguised as law enforcement, work.

Find out more: Trump, Declassify British Docs on 2016 Election Subversion

Take the case of Michael Flynn, for example. Flynn was targeted way back by British intelligence, including the same Sir Richard Dearlove and Stefan Halper who played such a large role in entrapment operations on British soil involving Trump campaign volunteers George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. Dearlove, in turn, is the mentor of Christopher Steele who composed the dirty British dossier against Trump which was the original propaganda backbone of the entire coup against the President. Flynn was targeted because, as DIA chief, he exposed British and American support of Arab terrorists involved in fomenting coups in Egypt, Syria, and Libya as part of the Barack Obama/British intelligence Arab Spring operation. The British claimed, without proof, that Flynn was unduly influenced by the Russians and Obama fired him.

When Trump won and Flynn was appointed Trump’s national security chief, his completely legal transition communications with Russian Ambassador Kislyak were targeted and intercepted. His name was unmasked illegally by the Obama White House. The contents of the classified intercept of the Flynn/Kislyak conversations were leaked, illegally, to the Washington Post. The unmasking and leaking were felonies by whoever did them. Next, Sally Yates, then the Obama Deputy Attorney General, fabricated a false pretext by which to interview Flynn. She claimed the Logan Act was an issue, a statute which is centuries old, unconstitutional, and therefore, never enforced. FBI agents rushed over to the White House, never informed Flynn he was a target, and asked him to recount his conversation with Kislyak. It was a classic perjury trap. The FBI had the tapes. Flynn screwed up some details. The interviewing FBI agents and their FBI supervisors said they did not believe Flynn intentionally lied. He got fired because Vice President Mike Pence insisted upon it.

Flynn’s case was then turned over to Robert Mueller, who needed some immediate meat to gain credibility. Mueller snarled and “investigated.” He found foreign agent registration act violations involving Turkey which he alleged both Flynn and his son committed. These violations are normally handled civilly, not criminally. Flynn sold his house to pay legal fees. He had to shake the public cup to support his family. To protect his son, he pled guilty to lying to the FBI in that initial interview where even the interviewing FBI agents said he did not lie. Such is the hybrid propaganda op concerning Michael Flynn. The actual serious crimes involving those who unmasked his name and leaked classified information to the Washington Post are not up for prosecution. Can we really afford to let this pass?

Right now, Mueller is pounding on Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen in an effort to get them to compose a narrative linking the Trump campaign with WikiLeaks and Russia. The “crime” underlying this effort is the totally legal 2016 WikiLeaks release of truthful documents from the DNC and John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager. The WikiLeaks release showed Hillary Clinton fixing the Democratic Party primary against Bernie Sanders and demonstrated that she was the craven darling of Wall Street. To obscure the truth, the intelligence agencies of the United States and Britain collaborated in a classic information warfare deflection by fabricating the myth that Russia stole the documents on behalf of Trump. “Compose,” “fabricate something I want to hear,” Mueller has ordered all of these targets, or face bankruptcy and years in prison.

The New Threat to Indict and Jail the President

Michael Cohen promoted himself as Donald Trump’s “fixer,” tape-recorded Trump (violating every tenet of the attorney-client relationship), and deeply resented the fact that Trump did not bring him into the White House. Trump had no such plans for the bumbling braggart. A resentful Cohen then sought to cash in on his former Trump relationship by promising duped foreigners non-existent “access” to the new President for fees in the millions of dollars. Cohen, whose family has been tied to the New York mafia, badly imitated the habits of our elites whose lies about bank loans and taxes are never prosecuted. This hubris and confusion about his social status, similar to that of Paul Manafort, made him an inviting target—low hanging fruit for an easy criminal prosecution. Cohen also lied to Congress about the timing of his bungling promotion effort to build a Trump Tower in Russia, which he promoted with childhood friend and FBI/CIA informant Felix Sater. His “crime” was in claiming that attempted contacts with Russian officials, for a project which never materialized, ended in January rather than June. The Trump Administration itself provided the documents by which Mueller documented Cohen’s lies to Congress.

Faced with years in jail, Cohen hired Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis to publicly orchestrate the idea that he had any credibility whatsoever as a witness. So, instead of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA we are now hearing how TWO, MIND YOU, TWO, FELONIES, were committed by the President of the United States when Cohen paid off two ladies, porn queen Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy bunny Karen McDougal, for alleged trysts with the President decades ago. Both came forward, once Trump ran for President, with blackmail and extortion demands to procure their silence.

The backstory on this episode runs right through Senator Chuck Schumer. Preet Bharara was the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. It is well known that the Southern District considers itself the premier federal trial court in the country and the premier U.S. Attorney’s office in the country, independent from much supervision by even the U.S. Department of Justice. Trump fired Bharara, whose self-regard, like that of his close buddy, James Comey, vastly exceeds reality by several orders of magnitude. Left behind in the firing was a crew of age 30 something ambitious anti-corruption prosecutors totally in awe of their former boss, Preet Bharara, eager to revenge his firing, and out to make names for themselves. Bharara, in turn, was and is the long-time counsel to Chuck Schumer, who famously explained in an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC that he, Schumer, does whatever the intelligence community tells him to do. It is these prosecutors who Mueller, fully aware of the history, tagged to “independently” go after Michael Cohen and the Trump family’s business dealings.

In the spring, they staged a loud and constitutionally obnoxious raid on Cohen’s home and law offices, looking for such loot as the original of the Billy Bush, Access Hollywood tape, where the President bragged about his sexual access. This tape was publicly released during the campaign and almost spelled its doom. Then they secured a plea bargain from the weak, frightened, and compromised Michael Cohen, who claimed that Trump ordered him to commit criminal violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act by paying off Daniels and McDougal. By doing this, Chuck Schumer’s piranhas signaled they plan to indict the President, the only question being when, since the Justice Department believes it is unconstitutional to indict a sitting President.

This is a farcical re-run of the trial of former Senator John Edwards, whom the Justice Department prosecuted despite a Federal Election Commission ruling that payments to cover up sexual indiscretions were not campaign contributions. That case blew up when the jury acquitted Edwards on one count and then hung on the remaining counts, with a substantial majority of the jury voting to acquit on all counts. This was recognized at the time as a complete and abject defeat for the zealots of the Department of Justice. In order to secure a conviction under their theory, the prosecution must prove that influencing an election was the sole reason for the payment, not personal embarrassment, not harm to business interests, not concerns about the impact on family or a marriage.

Among other absolute slam dunks showing the farcical nature of the claim against Trump, none other than James Comey himself, in his Congressional testimony, showed what immediately jumps into Trump’s mind when confronted with claims about sexual misconduct. Comey told Congress that when he presented Trump with the filthy British intelligence generated accusation about Trump rollicking with prostitutes in Moscow, planted in the dirty dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and written by MI6’s Christopher Steele, Trump immediately said it was false, asked him to refute it, and expressed outright fear about its impact on his marriage.

It is also a rerun of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, based on a long running and ever shifting Special Counsel investigation. Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about a sexual affair, one unearthed by a prosecutor who spent years hell-bent on finding something, anything, by which to damage and/or remove the President. And the people, in the next election, were merciless with Republicans in the Congress for promoting and sponsoring this abuse of the legal system. Yet, in his appearance on NBC Sunday, the silly Jerry Nadler promoted, with absolute seriousness, a truly bizarre impeachment theory. While impeachment under the Constitution does not normally involve someone who is not already President and therefore acting officially, such as candidate Trump, Nadler opined, it can now be invoked against the President because he procured the office by fraud in not disclosing decades old sexual trysts. Nadler plainly believes the power of the money behind this enterprise and the ability of the media to skew public opinion will prevail over a complacent or misdirected public.

The British Target Their Own

On November 23, a group calling itself “Anonymous” posted actual documents from a British entity called the Integrity Initiative, a rapid-response black-propaganda, information-warfare operation targeting Russia, China, Western Europe, and the United States. The Initiative is run under the Institute for Statecraft, a British NGO which receives 95% of its funding from the British government, NATO, and the U.S. State Department. This funding was recently supplemented by Facebook. It is seeking U.S. tax exemption in for a spinoff NGO here, which will target influence operations in major cities in the United States outside of Washington, D.C. or the Coasts. In all probability, the plan is to concentrate in battleground states for the 2020 elections. The Smith-Richardson Foundation, the CIA/British quango which funded major propaganda operations against Lyndon LaRouche, is slated to fund this U.S. operation. The first document released by Anonymous brags that the Integrity Initiative managed to derail the nomination of Pedro Banos to head Spain’s Homeland Security Department based on a 2-hour smear campaign claiming he was too soft on Moscow.

Now, the December 9 editions of the Daily Record and its sister publication Sunday Mail, report that Integrity Initiative is attacking Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as a pro-Russia stooge, and that it has received more than £2 million from the British Foreign Office, which is the parent government agency and usual conduit for MI6, Britain's foreign intelligence agency. This has created outrage in the Labour Party, with demands that a probe be launched against the Initiative, including how it came to receive £2 million in government money, and began targeting Jeremy Corbyn. The senior manager of the Initiative is one Chris Donnelly, who, according to one website, is a graduate of Manchester University and a reserve officer in the British Army Intelligence Corps, who previously headed the British Army's Soviet Studies Research Center at Sandhurst, the British military academy. Journalist Mike Robinson in Britain has found that the listed address of the Initiative for Statecraft is a totally dilapidated and abandoned building, further demonstrating the fact that NGO is an obvious intelligence front.

The exposure of the Initiative’s warfare operations against Corbyn bear an identity with the British info-war ops conducted against Donald Trump. The full weight of public agencies is mobilized against a domestic political figure with whom the self-appointed arbiters of all truth disagree. In both the United States and Britain such domestic operations are illegal on numerous grounds. Again, following exactly the same script as they did in beginning the coup against Trump, once these operations were exposed, British intelligence, the culprit, acted fiercely to change the “narrative.” According to them, the Integrity Initiative was hacked by the Russians, and that is all you need to know. The British have also replicated the operation they ran against Trump voters in Britain itself. They claim that the Brexit vote was not the result of the very real and dramatic economic discontent and suffering of the British population. Rather, they say, the Brexit vote was grievously meddled in by Russian propagandists, so that no one should trust the result. Edgar Allen Poe would not be fooled by any geographic difference in these operations. He would rightly claim, based on the simple analysis of intention, that the same hand was and is running both operations.

The Initiative operates on the basis of “clusters” or contact groups of journalists, military personnel, academics, and lobbyists within almost every European country, the United States, and Canada, and is now looking to expand to the Middle East. These people get alerts, often through the medium of Initiative “contacts” in British Embassies, to take action when the British Foreign Office perceives a need. A look at the “cluster” for the United States reveals that it is dominated by the Atlantic Council and the rabidly anti-Russian and anti-Chinese Jamestown Foundation, and includes Evelyn Farkas, formerly of the Defense Department. The UK cluster includes Anne Applebaum of the Washington Post, Ed Lucas of the Center for European Policy Analysis (another key quango in this apparat), Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council, Bill Browder and Vadim Kleiner from Browder’s operations, and, not surprisingly, Sir Andrew Wood, of Orbis Business Intelligence, the firm founded by Christopher Steele, who expertly ran the initial information warfare operations in the coup against Trump on behalf of both the FBI and Hillary Clinton. All of these individuals have been very active in the coup against Donald Trump.

The now-exposed “Integrity Initiative” is only a small part of the massive British-spawned hybrid warfare apparatus targeting Russia, China, and dissident voices in target populations, including Donald Trump in the United States, and now, Jeremy Corbyn in Great Britain. These operations were consolidated following the Ukraine coup in 2014. The British set up the 77th Military Brigade to conduct propaganda warfare against Russia, and rapidly integrated these operations into the NATO Centre for Strategic Operations. U.S. operations were run through extant State Department and National Endowment for Democracy entities with substantial funding from the Institute for Modern Russia. Russiagate was used to justify a massive expansion of these operations, including massive new funding as the result of Barack Obama’s 2016 National Defense Authorization Act.

British intelligence has long understood that information warfare is the ultimate weapon by which to herd populations into pre-configured gangs and counter-gangs who passionately and even violently defend belief structures which they believe they have freely chosen. In reality, many of the belief systems are complete myths and frauds synthesized and propagated by the information warriors themselves. Think how much of our present fixed and limited, but nonetheless vitriolic political debate, is the product of such popular profiling. This is how the British controlled their sprawling colonies. It is not accidental that British propaganda operative Richard Delmer trained and traveled with Joseph Goebbels in the initial phases of German National Socialism. It is the same Mighty Wurlitzer, which the CIA’s Frank Wisner dubbed his propaganda operations aimed at the American people, which now plays Robert Mueller’s orchestrated press releases. Fake News is too tame of a term for his. Rather, we should be asking, how many of the journalists who spend 24 hours a day concocting stories about the President are on the dole of these Anglo-American information warfare operations? Isn’t the President, therefore, correct when he calls this apparatus the enemy of the people?

What You Can Do

Stop being bamboozled. Look at the causes and motives for the coup rather than standing by and witnessing its endless stupefying effects. There is every reason to be optimistic. True, we are facing an imminent financial collapse. But, as opposed to 2008, we have a President, Donald Trump, who will fight the globalist system. Populations in France, Britain, and Italy are also in revolt against the hideous imperial New World Order, the ruinous economic Order, named and promoted by Margaret Thatcher and George H.W. Bush on behalf of Wall Street and the City of London. China, through its great Belt and Road Initiative, building massive modern infrastructure throughout the world, is demonstrating what can be immediately accomplished if we return to Hamilton and Roosevelt’s American System economics.

Internationally, a return to the fixed exchange rate system between sovereign nation states, which allowed the world to prosper in the period of 1948-1971, and the implementation of a Four-Power agreement between Russia, China, India, and the United States to develop the world, as proposed by Lyndon LaRouche, will destroy the British Empire and allow us to create ever higher platforms for human existence.

But none of this will work unless we mobilize, across party lines, to defeat the coup which is destroying our nation. Right now, as we state above, the coup leaders are exposed, desperate, but still determined to take out the President. They are claiming the power to indict, right now, the President of the United States. Their next targets include his immediate family. You can act to stop this by joining LaRouche PAC’s Campaign to Secure the Future. Sign the petition demanding that all British-originated actions in the coup against the President be declassified, which will be the most dramatic step in ending this nonsense once and for all. If you were told, during the election, that your U.S. Representative would campaign for economic security rather than impeachment and endless investigations, call him or her, and say that you are watching and will hold them accountable. If your U.S. Representative is a Republican who acted to stop the coup but is sitting, complacently, on his or her hands right now, tell them to get back in the fight, right now. The nation is at stake.

I want to help!