The British Add Corbyn to Their "Russiagate" Targets

December 11, 2018
Jeremy Corbyn speaking outside parliament about Bahrain in 2013. [YouTube/RevolutionBahrainMC]
Jeremy Corbyn speaking outside parliament about Bahrain in 2013. [YouTube/RevolutionBahrainMC]

The exposure, last week, of the British subversion operation known as the Integrity Initiative — a government- funded media/intelligence operation to subvert nations and institutions which refuse to submit to the Empire's plan for war on Russia — has led to a new, explosive revelation, as the British Labour Party has caught the operatives running direct interference in their own national political and electoral process. The "Russiagate" coup attempt against President Donald Trump, run by political assassin Robert Mueller on behalf of MI6 and their assets in the Obama Administration, has now been caught running the same criminal operation against the opposition party in the UK itself. The Daily Record of Scotland on Sunday revealed that the Integrity Initiative twitter feed has been running attacks on Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn as a Russian agent. "What [corbyn] has done," one tweet reads, "wittingly or unwittingly, is work with the Kremlin agenda."

The Labour Party has reacted vigorously. Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry issued a statement: "It is simply outrageous that the clearly mis-named `Integrity Initiative' — funded by the Foreign Office to the tune of 2.25 million pounds over the past two years — has routinely been using its Twitter feed to disseminate personal attacks and smears against the Leader of the Opposition, the Labour Party and Labour officials." The Foreign Office stumbled all over itself, with Foreign Minister Alan Duncan promising "an immediate investigation."

Helga Zepp-LaRouche made the broader point, that Americans can learn from this internal subversion of democracy in the UK, that it is entirely the British — not the Russians — who are interfering with democratic processes and elections in the US, the UK, and around the world.

President Trump is continuing to battle the coup-plotters in the US, while also building his personal ties to Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, even in the face of the "New McCarthyite" fraudulent attacks from the Democrats, and even from some Republicans. His economic adviser Larry Kudlow reported Sunday that the Chinese are moving rapidly to implement the agreement reached between Xi Jinping and Trump in Argentina, while Trump is optimistic that the US, China, and Russia can reach an arms control accord soon.

Europe, meanwhile, is descending into chaos. Theresa May today postponed the Parliamentary vote on her fake Brexit plan, admitting that she had far from enough votes to pass it. The new CDU leader in Germany, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, is proving to be a clone of Angela Merkel and will do nothing to stop the escalating collapse of all the traditional parties. In France, Emmanuel Macron is speaking to the nation Monday night, but has virtually no chance of regaining any support from the enraged population. After four weeks of mass-strike demonstrations across the nation, Saturday saw 136,000 people on the streets with more than 1,000 arrests. The Wall Street Journal reports, to its dismay, that Macron's plan to impose vicious austerity on the French people is failing, and that "panic has spread through the ranks of his allies and supporters in the National Assembly."

Meanwhile, the escalating collapse of Deutschebank continues, as does the panic over the corporate debt bubble in the western financial system. More voices are rising up to demand a return to the Glass-Steagall policies of Franklin Roosevelt. Zepp-LaRouche noted today that in 1971, when Nixon pulled the plug on the dollar and the Bretton Woods system, her husband, Lyndon LaRouche, warned that the inevitable result over time would be a new depression, war, and the re-emergence of fascism, unless his proposal for restoring the Hamiltonian American System were implemented. The collapse took longer than LaRouche had anticipated, she said, "because the enemy went for Empire — but Empires always collapse, as we see today." She added that the neoconservative myth of "the end of history," with universal "liberal democracy" of the British variety (i.e., Empire), has proven to be quite mistaken.

Indeed, there is plenty of history to be made. The New Silk Road and LaRouche's Four Laws are there to be implemented, with a new global Renaissance, if the people prove themselves capable of rising to this great moment in history.