Sober Up Folks, the Fight for Trump's Presidency Continues Ferociously; Dershowitz Opines that Mueller Report Will Be Politically Devastating

November 26, 2018
Alan Dershowitz appearing on ABC's ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, November 25, 2018. [ABC Screengrab]
Alan Dershowitz appearing on ABC's ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, November 25, 2018. [ABC Screengrab]

Yesterday, on ABC's ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, Alan Dershowitz, a frequent defender of President Trump on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, said that Robert Mueller's Special Counsel Report will be designed to be "politically devastating" to the President and that it could come down the pike soon, with the White House working on its response. Dershowitz continues to state that President Donald Trump will not face criminal charges from Mueller but could face legal jeopardy based on ongoing and simultaneous investigations in the Southern District of New York concerning his financial dealings. These investigations have been coordinated with Mueller's probe. Dershowitz implied that Mueller would structure his report to be as damaging as possible to Trump in order to fuel impeachment proceedings in the House.

According to Dershowitz, both the Mueller report and the President's response will be released publicly.

At the end of the segment, Dershowitz and others referred to dozens of sealed indictments on the docket of U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia which many recent fake news outlets have wildly speculated belong to the Special Counsel's investigation. While nothing indicates that this claim is anything other than psywar, one sealed indictment has been recently revealed, and it belongs to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who, it would seem, is about to be prosecuted for publishing truthful information about the perfidies of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta in the last election.

With the meetings about to occur between Presidents Xi, Putin, and Trump in Argentina, and Trump's midterm election victories in the Senate, it is clear that the British and their American allies are frantic to end Trump's Presidency before any type of major revision can be made to the doomed City of London floating exchange rate, free trade globalist system, a system which is now teetering on the edge of collapse.

LaRouchePAC has repeatedly emphasized the British origin of the attacks on the Trump Presidency and candidacy. Trump's 2016 election and his hold on the Senate both reflect a mass strike process occurring internationally against the failed globalist imperial system of perpetual war and savage austerity against human populations. That is why the British launched their information warfare campaign against Trump, with the collaboration of their asset, Barack Obama, his intelligence chiefs, James Comey, James Clapper, and John Brennan, and a Democratic Party driven insane by manipulation of its identity politics belief system. That is why Robert Mueller, the amoral prosecutor of Lyndon LaRouche and others, and the leader of the coverup of the British/Saudi role in 9/11 was chosen as the legal hitman and fawned over by a media which is now almost totally enslaved to the psychological warfare needs of the failing elite.

As opposed to those who have pipe dreams about the end of the Mueller investigation, we have emphasized that this is a fight to the finish: either Mueller and friends go down or Trump goes down. If the Democrats join in this British attack, rather than working with the President on a true economic revival and advance, they will reap the ensuing disaster, as President Trump argued in his analysis of the midterms.

In recent days there have been rumblings from the British press indicating that they fear declassification of their role in the ongoing coup in the United States could be near. Britain's Telegraph reported an intense lobbying campaign by British intelligence officials and their lackeys in the American establishment to prevent Trump from declassifying documents revealing the British role. We are of the very firm view that the President should immediately declassify much more than the documents concerning the Steele dossier, the FISA warrants, and British operations against Trump campaign officials on British soil, which are now on his plate. He should also declassify all documents referring to the reasons why he was targeted by the British and their Obama Administration lackeys in this attack on the United States, providing the American people with the ammunition by which to destroy Robert Mueller and his allies.