Put an End To Three Years' *British* Election Meddling and British Imperial War

November 6, 2018

With all indications of a very large final vote total in "game-changing" U.S. midterm elections, the outcome for both Houses of Congress remains in doubt. What is not in doubt, is that there will be a sharp change in the now three year-long, furious but unsuccessful drive to destroy President Trump's credibility and ability to set policy, and to force him out of office. Either that drive will end for good, or it will escalate dramatically. The President has continued to insist on the value of peace and cooperation with other major nuclear powers — has even campaigned before tens of thousands for peace and good relations with Russia and China. His attackers have made of President Putin the direst enemy image, called Trump a "puppet" for meeting with the Russian President, and demanded a war confrontation with Russia.

Thus the outcome of peace or war is underlying the "issues" being argued in the election's final days.

The LaRouche Political Action Committee has made a fundamental change in the election since it introduced, with no support 15 months ago, the facts that showed British intelligence was behind the drive against Trump as candidate and President, including Robert Mueller's "Russiagate" legal assassination. With LaRouchePAC's mobilization, those facts became known, became discussed in committees of Congress, were realized and publicly confirmed by prominent supporters of the President, eventually were exposed to millions.

LaRouchePAC has contributed a second change: demonstrating that economic progress of a scale not seen since Franklin Roosevelt's Presidency could be unleashed, by President Trump being free to collaborate in the Belt and Road Initiative of China, and by the implementation of Lyndon LaRouche's "four laws" for economic development. This contribution was spearheaded by Kesha Rogers' dynamic campaign in Texas against Al "Impeachment" Green and for what she laid out as "the North American Belt and Road Initiative.

British geopolitics is based on continuous wars of choice and even global war confrontations.

Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted in discussing the situation today that if the focus on British interference rises in the United States from Election Day, a dramatic change in policy could result. And if President Trump is strengthened, she would be confident that international relations will take a positive turn through his meetings with Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping over the next weeks and months.

Thus the campaign for a four-power New Bretton Woods credit system for development, can be escalated. London's financial and geopolitical empire can be ended.