Final Day before Election — Learn the Lesson of The Great War

November 5, 2018

Monday November 5, the last day before the most important U.S. midterm election in history, will see Donald Trump speak at three rallies — in Cleveland, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The fake-news press is hysterical that Donald Trump may have overcome the British-instigated McCarthyite witch hunt against him, aimed at provoking a war with Russia and China. This is exemplified by the War Party's leading newspaper, the Washington Post, whose lead op-ed today by Dana Milbank is titled: "We Have No Excuses Now. Our Eyes Are Wide Open." He details what he views as Trump's evil ways, including: "He took Vladimir Putin's word over that of the U.S. intelligence community, accepting Russia's denial that it interfered in our election." He concludes: "Will we take a step, even a small one, back from the ugliness and the race-baiting that has engulfed our country? Or will we affirm that we are really the intolerant and frightened people Donald Trump has made us out to be?"

But the truth is far different than the evil {Washington Post} would have Americans believe. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, looking ahead to the critical meeting to take place between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin on the sideline of the event honoring the 100th Anniversary of the World War I Armistice, taking place in Paris on Nov. 11, issued a statement: "Sleepwalking — Have we learned how the First World War Came About?" In reporting on her recent trip to Moscow, she notes that her many meetings with representatives of leading institutions gave her a "first-hand impression of what the Russian point of view of the strategic situation looks like. From the various steps taken by the West and NATO — NATO's expansion up to the Russian borders, the build-up of the missile defense system in Romania and Poland which can be transformed into an offensive system within a very short time, the cancellation of the ABM Treaty, and now of the INF Treaty, as well as the different 'narratives' portraying Russia as the enemy image and Putin as a demon — the Russian leadership has very clearly drawn the conclusion that a major war cannot be ruled out."

World War I had no legitimate cause. The British believed in the Halford Mackinder doctrine of "geopolitics," that in order to sustain their power, based on their control of the seas and the global financial system, they needed to prevent any coalition of nations across Eurasia from achieving the power to challenge the Empire. Such development projects as Germany's Berlin-Baghdad Railroad, or Russia's Trans-Siberian Railroad, creating connectivity among the nations of Eurasia, were in themselves intolerable threats to the Empire. Better to blow things up with a "lovely little war," to keep the world divided and weak. That war so destroyed Europe and so punished the loser Germany, that the rise of Hitler and the horror of World War II was the almost inevitable result.

And so, again today, the British Empire and its assets in the U.S. have unleashed hysteria and lies against Russia and China, against the "connectivity" of the New Silk Road. They are clearly willing to blow it up, if necessary to preserve the Empire — mistakenly called "our Western way of life" or the "rule of law." What they fear most is the fact that nearly every nation of Asia, Africa, Ibero-America, and even many European nations, are openly joining with Russia and China in the new paradigm of "win-win" development through the Belt and Road, which could spell the end of the Empire — especially if the upstart President of the United States were allowed to carry out his stated intention to establish friendly relations between the United States and Russia and China. In addition to the sideline meeting with Putin in Paris, Trump plans to hold full summit meetings with both Putin and Xi Jinping at the end of November at the G20 Summit in Argentina, just a few weeks after the midterm election.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche concludes her statement by calling for an end to geopolitics altogether, to replace it "with a new paradigm of the idea of mankind as a whole.... If we have learned anything from the tragedies of the 20th century, then we must now learn to think about mankind in a completely different way." Americans will be tested Tuesday, to reject the "Democratic" War Party, and to join the urgent campaign to build that new paradigm.