British Empire On the Run, LaRouche's Ideas Lead the Charge

November 3, 2018

British Empire is On the Run, LaRouche's Ideas Lead the Charge

Kesha Rogers, Independent for Congress (TX-9) and Will Wertz of EIR magazine address our weekly Manhattan Town Hall on the growing momentum of Lyndon LaRouche's ideas taking hold around the world to end the British Empire. Kesha Rogers reports on her successful campaign against "Greedy" Al Green, and the receptiveness of the population to her campaign's big ideas that refuse to fit into the realm of party politics. Will Wertz documents the fight between Lyndon LaRouche's conception of a "New Bretton Woods" versus the British Empire's attempts to steal the idea and bastardize it into yet another version of monetarism. A lively dialogue ensues between the gathered audiences, and a clear conception is developed to carry this fight through the midterm election and beyond. Don't miss this meeting!



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