Kesha Rogers Receives Two Highly Significant National Endorsements

October 11, 2018

Kesha Rogers’ 2018 campaign for Congress in Texas’ 9th C.D. received two highly significant endorsements in the last 24 hours: one from Roger Stone and the other from Virginia State Senator Richard Black. Rogers’ campaign is the flagship of LaRouche PAC’s Campaign to Secure the Future, an intervention into the 2018 midterm elections based on principle rather than party. Candidates endorsed by LaRouche PAC have vowed to end the coup against Donald Trump, to promote U.S. participation in China’s Belt and Road Initiative of building great infrastructure across the world, and to fight for the adoption of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery: (1) Glass-Steagall banking separation; (2) a federal national banking system centered in a national credit system, like Lincoln’s greenbacks or Hamilton’s national bank, issuing massive amounts of credit for long-term economic development; (3) direction of the credit so issued solely into productive sectors of the economy which can generate high-paying jobs and increases in economic productivity, such as massive new and modern infrastructure projects; and finally, (4) a crash program for fusion power development which will take humanity to the next step in its evolution and which will power the next stages of space exploration.

Roger Stone has long been associated with Donald Trump and is a legendary advisor to Presidents. He first urged Donald Trump to run for President in 1988 and has remained steadfastly loyal to the President’s cause. In fact, his loyalty has earned the ire of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is attempting to fabricate some pretext for indicting Stone. In his endorsement of Kesha Rogers, Stone cites the same phenomena LaRouche PAC finds right now in the U.S. population. It is in revolt against both parties which have failed them in terms of policy. While defeating the coup is primary and must involve voting Republican because the Democratic Party has descended to madness and anarchy, Rogers’ independent campaign presents the alternative ability to vote for profound and new ideas and to have that vote reverberate nationally. She is, after all, an African-American woman campaigning for full elimination of poverty in the mode of Martin Luther King. After winning two contested Democratic Congressional primaries in Texas, Rogers is taking on Al Green, a national figure in the coup against the President. Green and his ally Maxine Waters recklessly and ignorantly claim that impeachment requires no crime, despite the clear words of the Constitution. While raking in cash from national Democratic Party moneybags for this stance, Green has completely neglected his District, which is one of the poorest in Texas. Here is how Roger Stone describes Kesha’s campaign in his endorsement:

“That she has chosen to run this time as an independent is an important sign that, by rejecting the Democratic Party, she recognizes that the two-party system has been replaced by a duopoly, with both parties dominated by neo-cons and neo-liberals with no loyalty to the American people. Make no mistake, these midterm elections are about more than which party wins. It is a matter of whether the American people choose war or peace, a downward economic spiral or economic development by growing the real economy. Kesha understands this. That’s why she has denounced Russiagate as a coup against the election of Donald Trump. He has been targeted by the Bush-Obama-Clinton duopoly, not because of ‘collusion’ with Russia—as there is not a shred of evidence of this collusion produced by the Mueller ‘witch hunt’—but because of collusion between British intelligence networks, which represent the City of London, and Obama’s intelligence officials, such as Brennan and Clapper, and the corrupted elements of the Department of Justice and the FBI who are running an unconstitutional coup to prevent President Trump from pursuing a policy of peace through negotiations, and support for the sovereignty of all nations, including the United States.”

State Senator Richard Black of Virginia is known internationally for his courageous fight against America’s genocidal foreign wars, particularly the long standing attempt to overthrow the Assad government in Syria, using jihadist terrorists as our fighting forces, in support of the geopolitical goals of the British in the Middle East. Black, a Marine veteran, flew 269 helicopter combat missions in Vietnam and was awarded the Purple Heart as the result of ground combat with the 1st Marine regiment. After completing his law degree, he became a major in the Army Judge Advocate General Corps and then went on to head the Army Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon. It was the campaign of former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe, against Senator Black which first drew attention to Andrew McCabe’s perfidies. That campaign was funded through Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe for the explicit purpose of defeating Black. Here is what Senator Black had to say about Kesha Rogers:

“In a largely Democratic district, Kesha has taken on the responsibility of running against one of the Congressional leaders of the coup against President Donald Trump. Congressman Al Green has publicly stated that President Trump should be impeached even if no impeachable offense has been committed. Kesha Rogers, in addition to putting forward economic policies designed to rebuild her District and our nation has made this unconstitutional pronouncement of Green’s a leading campaign and national issue. For these reasons I endorse her campaign and urge others in both parties to support her.”

If you are interested in Kesha’s campaign, and to read the full endoresements of Roger Stone and Senator Black, please go to her website to find out more and to find out how you can help.