The Kavanaugh Charade Backfires: Can Michael “Mussolini” Bloomberg buy the Senate?

October 4, 2018
Professor Christine Blasey Ford testifies in the U.S. Senate on September 27, 2018.

As the FBI completed its background investigation, reporting that they found no corroboration for Christine Blasey Ford’s disgustingly fraudulent national soap show, the Democrats stepped forward to announce that the FBI’s investigation had been hampered by the fact that it did not examine the numerous extraneous witnesses they have produced to say that Kavanaugh drank a lot in high school and college, or that they heard rumors about one or more of the “wild sex man while drunk” fake and, somewhat physically impossible, allegations.

In the meantime, a former aide to Senator Diane Feinstein and current aide to Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was arrested, after he sent out the personal private information of Republican Senators to the Democratic nation of anarchists. It is clear that the intent was harassment and probable violent attacks.

That’s not the only criminality coming out of this affair. The former boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward, under oath, to throw cold water on lots of her dramatic claims, made also, under oath. He said she had no fear of flying as a result of PTSD and flew all over the place. He said that in their six year long relationship she showed no fear of small or confining spaces. He further said that she helped prep her life-long very best friend, Monica L. McLean for how to take a polygraph test, a claim that directly conflicts with Ford’s claims under oath that she never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph. As GW Law Professor Jonathan Turley said last night, someone is lying outright here and perjury charges are in the air. McLean denies that Kavanaugh helped with her polygraph but a dig into McLean’s background reveals a couple very rich leads. She is a longtime FBI lawyer, working for the Bureau since 1992 and retiring in 2016. Her most recent post was a spokesperson for the New York FBI field office, the FBI office reporting at the time to Trump enemy and James Comey bromancer, Preet Bhahara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Trump fired Preet and Robert Mueller, noting the bitterness that resulted, has bequeathed many new fake allegations against the President including the Michael Cohen case, on the Southern District. Blasey Ford took her polygraph while staying with McLean in Rehobeth, Delaware

The Senate voting process on Kavanaugh begins tomorrow and will conclude on Saturday. As the nation has begun to revolt against the disgusting Kavanaugh charade, former New York Mayor and Mussolini admirer Michael Bloomberg has stepped forward with $20 million dollars aimed at literally buying Senate seats to ensure that Trump gets the Kavanaugh treatment after the Midterm elections. As documented in the February 1, 2008 EIR, Bloomberg’s infrastructure plus ruthless austerity plans are modeled explicitly on those of Mussolini.