Phase Change Sweeping Across America — "Country Over Party"

October 3, 2018
President Donald J. Trump presents the Medal of Honor to retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer II Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)
President Donald J. Trump presents the Medal of Honor to retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ronald J. Shurer II Monday, Oct. 1, 2018, in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

There is a rapidly escalating sense of reality rising in the hearts and minds of the American population, that a truly revolutionary change is not only necessary in this nation, but that it is possible. It began with the election of Donald Trump, an outsider to the politics of both political parties, and a fighter who was willing to take on the globalist institutions imposed on the nation by the British Empire — institutions which are "of the Empire, by the Empire and for the Empire." Trump declared war on these institutions in his speech to the UN on Sept. 25 — the WTO, the International Criminal Court, the Free Trade pacts, the Global Warming hoax, regime change under the cover of human rights, and more. Sovereignty, he said, has been lost, and must be restored, for all nations.

One of the most destructive of these British institutions is the two-party system itself. On Sept. 9, 2012, one day after his 90th birthday, Lyndon LaRouche spoke to those gathered at the celebration. Referring to the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, he said:
"President George Washington and others, at the founding of our republic, as an independent republic, tried to prevent the formation of a party system. And I think, the time has come, to eliminate the party system. At this time, it's the only way, formally, through the legal process, that we could eliminate the possibility of these two kinds of Presidents.... We have a Constitution, which is defined, but why do we have to have parties intervening in between the process of selecting Presidential leadership in national government? What screwball invented this kind of nonsense? People become partisan, and say, which party wins is going to determine the fate of the nation! The idea of going to a European kind of government, which is inherently corrupt, by its very nature, not necessarily by the intention of the people, or the intention of the politicians, they just don't know any better!"

Indeed, the election of Trump demonstrated that the population was disgusted with the controlled environment of donkeys and elephants. However, as Trump told the throngs at his Tennessee rally on Monday, the Democrat Party has gone "loco" since the 2016 election, fully supporting the British coup attempt against the government of our country, pledging to impeach Trump if they can take over the Congress in the November midterm elections. They must therefore be defeated, which means voting for Republican candidates in November, to defend Trump and prevent the coup.

Trump therefore must fight for Republican candidates. However, Kesha Rogers' Independent Congressional campaign in Houston, against the most obnoxious of the "impeachment" candidates, Al Green, is based on "country above party," and the three points of the LaRouchePAC program to win America's future — stop the coup; get the U.S. to join the New Silk Road; and implement LaRouche's Four Laws. Some Republican candidates are endorsing that program, and are welcoming LaRouchePAC's active support for their campaigns.

One Republican Senatorial candidate, John James of Michigan, a Black Army Ranger veteran, in a campaign video said it most clearly: "Look around you: blighted neighborhoods, failing schools, forgotten veterans, it's disgraceful, and both parties are to blame. They pit Americans against each other, then they blame the other side when nothing gets done. Well, I'm tired of their B.S. I'm John James and I hate politics, but I approve this message because I love this country and I'm ready to serve."

We must mobilize the entire country with this spirit, including emphatically the call to serve. It is a revolutionary moment in history. People have no reason not to drop whatever was on their agenda, and join Kesha Rogers' campaign, either in Houston or in their hometowns. Join the LaRouchePAC Campaign To Win the Future, assuring that the impeachment party is defeated on Nov. 6 as a first step. Imagine a nation without poverty, working hand-in-hand with Russians, Chinese, Indians and others to build new cities on Earth and colonies on the Moon and Mars. Helga Zepp-LaRouche referred today to this truly patriotic spirit arising across the nation, saying: "Let's create a miracle — we should only believe in miracles we make ourselves."