A Shared Future for Humanity—Free of the British Empire

August 9, 2018
President Donald J. Trump and Queen Elizabeth II (invisible) | July 13, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)
President Donald J. Trump and Queen Elizabeth II (invisible) | July 13, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

The British Empire would have you believe that they are totally in control of the current strategic situation, and fully confident that their Empire will last another thousand years. Is that why they have found it necessary to:

  • Attempt to cut off all communication between Presidents Trump and Putin?
  • Try to induce all-out trade and financial warfare with China and its Belt and Road Initiative?
  • Seek to set the fascist precedent of shutting down any and all website and twitter accounts that they find objectionable, to silence all opposition views?
  • Topple governments and throw presidents in jail, on trumped-up "corruption" charges facilitated by J. Edgar Hoover-style plea bargain blackmail?
  • Assassinate engineers and scientists at the center of their nations' development efforts?
  • And, most significantly, maintain their desperate ploy to topple the Trump government with the endless, contrived twists and turns of Russiagate?

But these are not signs of strength. They are signs of over-deployment and exposure to public view. The British Empire is vulnerable.

They are especially vulnerable to the spread of the Spirit of the New Silk Road across the planet, and the optimistic clarity of thought and purpose it tends to promote. To this must be fused the solutions uniquely provided by LaRouche's science of physical economy, as exemplified by his Four Laws policy of 2014. Each and every culture must return to its own best classical traditions; each and every nation's population must elevate their thinking to this level.

Both Russia and China are responding to the challenges and crises they face with deeper strategic planning on alternatives to the current dying imperial system, plans which clearly take into account their differentiated reading of the U.S. political situation, including the battle Trump is waging to establish mutually-beneficial relations with their countries, in particular. Thus, Putin and Trump remain in dialogue through letters and other channels of communication, with Putin proposing concreate areas of cooperation on nuclear arms control. And China continues to make it clear that the policy of trade and financial warfare against China will not only fail, but will actually backfire and be harmful to U.S. national interests as well.

The principle in play, of "a shared future for humanity," is what Lyndon LaRouche otherwise presented in the form of his Four Powers proposal, of an alliance of the U.S., China, Russia and India, as well as other nations, to defeat the bankrupt British Empire and its pessimistic (and unscientific) view of man, the universe, and God.