The Walls Are Closing In On the British Empire

July 9, 2018
On the sidelines of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. With President of the United States Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
On the sidelines of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. With President of the United States Donald Trump and Russian President Putin. November 10-11, 2017. (

One week from today, on July 16, 2018, President Trump and President Putin will sit down for their long-awaited summit meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Just days before that, on July 11-12, Trump will attend the NATO summit in Brussels, after which he will travel to the U.K. for a three-day visit.

The British Empire's outlets are acting like the walls are closing in on them—which they are. "The stakes are high for the six days between Trump's arrival in Brussels Tuesday night and his departure from Helsinki," the Daily Mail wrote yesterday. "He could, in that short time, remake some of the U.S.'s most significant relationships with the rest of the world"—by which they mean the so-called "special relationship" with Great Britain, which was designed to keep the U.S. "like a cock-boat in the wake of a British man-o'-war."

The London Guardian likewise reported urgently that "senior U.K. politicians and diplomats believe the next 10 days of international diplomacy will be vital in determining the future strength of the Western alliance as a bulwark against Russian aggression"—by which they mean that their game of using wars and subterfuge to prevent a Four Powers alliance of the sort specified by Lyndon LaRouche, is up.

Furthermore, the British plot to overthrow the Trump government is not only sputtering, but its principals are themselves now looking at possible jail time, as Rep. Devin Nunes calls for "deposition-style hearings" before Congressional committees, where the 42 individuals he has cited will have to explain, under oath, their roles in the get-Trump operation.

Worst of all, from where the British sit, is that China continues to systematically—and successfully—build the basic structure, the infrastructure, around which a New Paradigm of a "community with a shared future for mankind" is coming into being.

Lyndon LaRouche's role in bringing about this global sea-change is increasingly recognized—albeit often begrudgingly—by informed circles internationally. But few, far too few, have yet understood LaRouche's method by which he is shaping history with ideas. That most fundamental of issues was in fact the central matter addressed at last weekend's Schiller Institute conference in Bad Soden, Germany, as it is also the focus of the ongoing LaRouche Economics class series in New York City.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed this point during her July 5 weekly webcast, in response to a question about what had been achieved at the Schiller Institute conference:

"I think the participants all expressed a profound optimism that with the ideas which were presented, a solution can be found. And everybody noted that what distinguishes the Schiller Institute from other organizations, — other organizations have conferences on maybe specific subjects and then have many experts who have their power point discussion, but they don't really elevate the audience to the level of thinking required to find solutions. But that was really why I called my presentation also 'The Coincidence of Opposites,' coincidentia oppositorum which is an idea of Nicholas of Cusa. It's a specific way of thinking, how to overcome the contradictions in political life on the daily level, or if you just look at the status quo, you never find a solution....

"We have to give ourselves as a human species, an order which is more in correspondence with the lawfulness of the physical universe. And that only the idea of continuous change and an anti-entropic universe can give a guideline; and the only people who are capable of thinking in this way are the scientists, the natural scientists, and artists of Classical culture. Because only they are used to thinking in terms of universal principles which are repeatable and therefore valid, and therefore are beyond the realm of opinion, but related to a deeper, underlying truth of the lawfulness of our universe: And that must guide and inform our political life.

"Obviously, this is a very deep philosophical discussion. It requires that many nations of the world, preferably all of them, be involved in this discussion.... And how can we make sure that we do not plunge into dark ages again? By simply elevating our populations to think in terms of a New Paradigm of the coincidence of opposites, of the one humanity first, or what Xi Jinping always calls 'a community for a shared humanity,' or 'shared future of mankind.'"