New Silk Road Proceeds, Europe and U.S. Running Out Of Time, Must Join Now

June 21, 2018
President Trump shortly before signing an execute order keeping families together at the border. June 20, 2018. (Fox News Screengrab)
President Trump shortly before signing an execute order keeping families together at the border. June 20, 2018. (Fox News Screengrab)

President Trump yesterday pulled the rug out from under his war-mongering enemies who were using fake pictures and hysterical accounts of illegal immigrant children being "torn from their mother's breasts" on the border, by issuing an order that families should be detained together rather than using separate facilities for the children. The frenzied stories in the media, 24-7, and foul-mouthed rants from Hollywood "celebrities," were aimed at diverting attention from Trump's role in the historic events bringing peace to Korea, and from the exposure of the crimes of the FBI in the "Get Trump" campaign orchestrated by British intelligence.

The same persons demanding war on Syria, military confrontation with Russia and China, and legalized drugs in the United States, facilitating the control of Central and South American nations by the narco-traffickers from which the immigrants are fleeing — these are the same people now playing tapes of babies crying and posting fake pictures of children in cages — as if they cared — to demonize Trump.

The written report and the Congressional testimony on Monday and Tuesday, by the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, although confined to his findings in the Hillary email probe, confirmed that the firing of former FBI Director James Comey was fully justified — which obliterates the Mueller "obstruction of justice" ploy against the President — while also making clear that the extreme bias of Peter Strzok, who ran the FBI's Russiagate investigation and was appointed to Mueller's witchhunt team, would be a primary factor in the continuing investigation of the Russiagate scam run by Comey and Mueller. Other FBI officials with similar bias were also identified, although not named as yet.

These revelations have already freed Trump to finally arrange a full-scale summit with President Putin, most likely to occur in July. This terrifies the British, who recognize that Trump and Putin, acting together, will almost certainly find a means for ending the war in Syria, and potentially make that the basis for a broader solution to the other disastrous crises across the Southwest Asian region. They are all, after all, instigated from the same source — the British imperial masters who set up Sykes-Picot, who sponsored the Saudi kingdom, established a permanent state of war between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, and instigated the genocidal wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, supporting jihadist terrorist movements against secular governments.

Trump is determined to end the regime-change policy, to be friends with Russia and China, and to pull American forces out of Syria, South Korea, and other locations where the U.S. military has functioned as enforcer of British imperial policies. Together with Putin, such a new strategic paradigm can be officially established.

But the economic devastation left by the "permanent warfare" doctrine under Tony Blair, George Bush, and Barack Obama, must also be resolved if peace is to be achieved. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has called for the EU Summit at the end of this month to invite China and leaders of African nations to attend, to change the agenda to the urgent necessity for western nations to join with China in the New Silk Road to rebuild the war-torn nations of Southwest Asia, and to create modern agro-industrial nations across Africa. This, she notes, is the only solution to the refugee crisis which is tearing Europe apart.

LaRouchePAC's Kesha Rogers, who is running an independent campaign for Congress in Texas, supported Zepp-LaRouche's call, and added her own call to apply the same simple truth to the immigration problem in the U.S. — end the legalization of drugs, and join with China in the development of Central and South America, because it is the only means to end the flow of people fleeing the terror and poverty in their homelands, but also because it is simply the correct and moral thing to do for the future of humanity.

America should be doing nothing less.