CPC National Congress Opens Wednesday, Then Trump Goes to China — The New Paradigm Is Possible, and Urgently Necessary

October 18, 2017
Xi Jinping delivers a report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on behalf of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 18, 2017. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)

It has been five years since Xi Jinping became Party Chairman and President of China at the last CPC National Conference in 2012. The transformation which has taken place in that short span of time, not only within China, but internationally as a result of the Belt and Road Initiative, is world historic, and breathtaking. The New Paradigm posited by Lyn and Helga over the past fifty years — for a world free of war and free of poverty, where every citizen of the world is capable of participating in the creation of his or her own future, and that of humanity as a whole — that New Paradigm is now being experienced in China and is being spread around the world through the New Silk Road.

Tuo Zhen, the spokesman for the CPC, told a press conference yesterday that the Belt and Road Initiative has now been incorporated into several UN documents, that "between 2013 and 2016, Chinese companies have invested about $560 billion overseas, paid over $100 billion in various kinds of taxes to the host countries, and created millions of jobs for the local communities." He said the investments have helped the receiving countries to "transform their resources and labor power for development," and that "China has developed partnerships of various forms with about 100 countries, regions and regional organizations. China's circle of friends is widening day by day."

President Trump considers himself among that widening circle of friends, but it is urgent that he take the opportunity of his visit to China in two weeks to fully integrate the U.S. economy into the Belt and Road, both for U.S. industry to participate and benefit from the massive development projects across the globe, and also for China's huge holdings of U.S. debt to be allowed to participate as credit for the rebuilding of the American industrial and scientific greatness of yore. LaRouche's concept of a national Hamiltonian bank for development, one of his Four Laws, has been enthusiastically received by leading Chinese and Japanese economists in discussion with EIR, as a means of putting their vast reserves of U.S. debt into useful, productive investments, and making the U.S. again a partner in global development as it was in the era of FDR and JFK.

The London and Wall Street lords who are trying to preserve their bankrupt derivative holdings are frantic to stop President Trump from joining the New Paradigm. Over the past days, BBC, the City of London's The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post have all published wild diatribes against Xi Jinping (the new Mao, the dictator, the new Stalin, the Grand Inquisitor, etc.) to poison the President's visit to China. As with the Russia-gate hysteria from the same sources, the American population is no longer so easily scammed.

Helga told a conference call of her associates today regarding this pregnant moment in history:

"We are breaking through on many levels. It may not be the big splash, but I can see progress on many levels, that people do recognize our authority of having developed this vision, and are willing to encounter more serious ideas, including especially that people understand that Lyn was the forecaster who predicted all these things, starting with his 1971 recognition of what it meant when Nixon took down the Bretton Woods system, especially that he was practically the only person who identified that the Soviet Union would not survive their policies in 1984, his prognosis on the German unification in 1988, his 2007 prediction of the collapse of the world financial system. I think people really have to pull rank in terms of who we are, in terms of representing Lyn's economic theory and thoughts. I think people are now more able to encounter these more profound concepts associated with that ablility of Lyn to make these kinds of correct analyses.

"So I'm basically optimistic that we can win this battle in the short term. So we should be appropriately happy and motivated to convince people to get on the bandwagon, joining a completely new era of civilization, to somehow capture the imagination of people — with Classical music, a world without poverty, a world united around one concept of Mankind. I think we can get it across and get people on board in large numbers."