Columbus Day 2017: The 'New World' Must Join the New Paradigm

October 9, 2017

LaRouchePAC Monday Update - October 9, 2017

As we celebrate the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus, whose mission to the 'New World' was part of a grand historical effort to unify mankind and link Renaissance Europe to the Chinese civilization of Asia, both eastward over land and westward over sea, today, as we count down to the President's first state visit to China—where he will encounter not a New World, but a New Paradigm in the making,—we find ourselves presented with the opportunity to fulfill that Renaissance vision, and finally unify mankind around the New Silk Road, linking together the continents and great civilizations of the world under a single common destiny. Will Wertz provides newly assembled details regarding Columbus's relationship to the father of the Renaissance, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, history which he elaborates in an article published in EIR, "Columbus' First Belt and Road Inspired by Cusa". Join our effort as we count the days until President Trump's potentially historic Asia visit, and help us to bring the 'New World' into the New Paradigm.



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