LaRouche: Don't Discuss it—Just DO it!

September 8, 2017
Press statements following talks with President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in. September 6, 2017 (

All of a sudden it has become blindingly obvious that Russia's President Vladimir Putin—just like his spiritual ancestor, France's "Spider King" Louis XI—has been weaving and reweaving a web of potential close economic cooperation between North and South Korea and Russia—and with China and other partners as well. This was the original "LaRouche Plan" for peace in the Korean Peninsula, which worked until the day in 2002 that it was sabotaged through "outside forces" working with then-Vice President Cheney, and afterwards President Obama. Putin has been weaving this web with indispensable support from China—but also, it appears, from certain forces in Washington.

When this was brought to the attention of Lyndon LaRouche, he said, "Don't discuss it. Don't rehash the details. Don't waste any time—just do it! And by doing it—NOW!—you will force the hand of those forces in Washington who oppose it. They will be exposed, ready to be neutralized."

At just the same moment, the worst Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, with 180 mph winds peaking at almost 300 mph, has been moving through the Caribbean, leaving some of the British colonial islands in ruins unimaginable for the 21st Century. The Prime Minister of Barbuda, for example, said that 90% of its buildings had been destroyed and 60% of its population was homeless. The British masters had done absolutely nothing to prepare for the deluge—but why would they?

But the U.S. government, led by President Trump, is aware, on top of the situation, and mobilizing the appropriate resources for Florida and other threatened areas—and this in turn will permit the population, both the first-responders and citizen-volunteers, to show the heroism they showed so magnificently in Houston. We will respond as required. We will rebuild as rapidly as can be done. Everything has changed since Katrina and Sandy.

In the Caribbean, the United States must offer the full-bore Army Corps of Engineers program which Lyndon LaRouche and former President Bill Clinton proposed for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Monster-President Obama shot that plan down, so that Haiti, still in ruins today, is now working with China towards rebuilding the country.

But our urgent and necessary rebuilding must be only the springboard for a full national infrastructure program, beginning now with masses of Federal credit and in cooperation with China. Not only will we limit the scope of such storm-related disasters in the future, but we will transform our entire economy from the disaster we inherited from Bush and Obama, into the great agro-industrial power which the world and all Americans need now.

On this, Lyndon LaRouche said again, "Don't waste time discussing it. Just do it! And we will see who tries to prevent it—it will be obvious!"



Putin Addresses Plenary Session of Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum

Russian President Vladimir Putin made several important comments during a debate session and during the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum which bear directly on resolving the crisis on the Koran Peninsula and North East Asia According to TASS, Putin said he saw a willingness on the part of the Trump Administration to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula, saying, "We can see the current [U.S.] administration's willingness to ease the situation."

"I believe we need to see how the situation develops," he said. "There can be only a diplomatic solution to the issue. This is an uneasy and slow way to resolve the issue but it is the only possible one." In Putin's view, there is a need to launch talks and convince Seoul that it is the best way to settle the situation.

When the debate moderator, who was an American, asked about relations between North Korea and the United States, Putin turned the question around and asked the debate moderator why he did not forward the question to the leaders of the U.S. allies in the region, Japan and South Korea, who are present at the meeting. "I will ask them later," the moderator answered.

The President argued for North Korea to be involved in joint projects, saying: "North Korea needs to be gradually involved in regional cooperation, Russia has some specific proposals that everyone knows about, which include building a joint railway connecting the Trans-Siberian Railway and Korean railways through North Korea, as well as the development of pipeline transport and North Korea's ports to name a few."

Putin also spoke of building a railway to Sakhalin Island. "We are closely considering the possibility of building a railway to Sakhalin," he said. He also described that along with the development of the Northern Sea Route, modernization of the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway, and the implementation of other projects, it would "help turn the Far East into one of the most important global logistics hubs." Putin stressed, "as far as ambitious projects are concerned, the Far East provides unique opportunities and competitive advantages."