VIPS: The "Russia Hack" was an Inside Job

July 28, 2017

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast - July 28, 2017

On Monday, July 24, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) released a memo, "Was the 'Russian Hack' an Inside Job?" This memo demolishes the central claim behind Russia-gate: that Russia used hackers to embarrass Hillary Clinton and put Donald Trump in office. The VIPS used their pooled expertise to assess recent forensic evidence that a central persona in the whole brouhaha—Guccifer 2.0—released documents deliberately doctored to add Russian fingerprints, and acquired DNC files by local copying, rather than remote hacking. In today's show, we hear from VIPS leader Ray McGovern.
By fighting back against the Russia-gate assault on elected government, we can successfully turn the U.S. away from conflict with Russia, and towards sensible priorities of economic development, instead.