Reject the Fools Pushing 'Russiagate'; It's the Economy, Stupid!

July 18, 2017
A meeting between Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump took place on the sidelines of the G20 summit. July 7, 2017 (

If there were 'traitors' to the survival of the United States, they would be but the politicians and media continuing to push a crazed "Russiagate" coup attempt against President Trump for his policy of cooperating with Russia and China.

If that strategic peace policy of the President is destroyed, the result will be spreading wars, and potentially war of nuclear powers. Even if the worst were avoided, the fact is that in the Bush-Obama era of regime-change wars — permanent war — the United States has been undergoing economic, social, and cultural destruction. Trump is trying to end that disastrous era through cooperation with Presidents Putin and Xi, and is following a clearly successful course. Moreover, he is determined to continue to pursue it in spite of the cries of "impeachment" and the threats of the intelligence agencies and their British intelligence mentors.

But the United States could also be destroyed by the financial crash and economic collapse threatening now, as bubbles collectively larger than those of 2007 are defaulting. The United States economy is sinking, and above all because its decrepit economic infrastructure is falling apart with no repairs, let alone replacement at a higher level of technology.

In that situation, what does it mean for some political leaders to say, "Don't offer any alternative policies to the American people; just impeach — and prosecute! — the President for meeting with Russians." This is a recipe for chaos.

It is the economy, stupid, and the condition of the U.S. economy — of employment, of productivity, of quality of life — is sinking fast.

Here the American people have to "take over" President Trump's derailed plans to "make America great again." It is up to us to defeat the Wall Street banks who have pushed him out of the driver's seat.

The "American System of economy" is what he has spoken for. He has not implemented it. It is what we need to save this nation, so we must carry the President to implementing it.

EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche has stated that American System in four policy actions that must be taken now, starting with reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act to "drive the money-changers from the temple of our civilization," as FDR said. The lessons of the Apollo Project must be applied to expanded space exploration and to the renewal and rebuilding of America's economic infrastructure at new levels of technology. The goal of developing fusion energy must be made the crash program it never became.

The American System can return us to the "golden age of U.S. productivity" which began with FDR and ended soon after JFK was assassinated; and which resulted from the almost continuous renewal of U.S. economic infrastructure at advancing levels.

Or we can face strategic crisis and war if we let the economy collapse. Ignore the "Russiagaters"; this is the issue.



China Investment Corp. Again Looks to U.S. Infrastructure

Economic growth figures for China's economy were reported today by its Commerce Department, with second- quarter GDP reported 6.9% above the second quarter of 2016. Industrial production grew by 7.6%, fixed-asset capital investment by 8.5%, and consumer spending by 11%. China's growth in 2017 will be faster than in the previous year, for the first time since 2010; and that, with the government clamping down on real estate bubbles and shadow banks.

China Investment Fund (CIC) is a sovereign wealth fund investing about $800 billion, based on China's foreign exchange reserves, which currently total about $3.1 trillion. CIC recently moved its North American offices to New York. The New York Times quoted CIC Managing Director Liu Fangyu's statement on July 11, requesting more openness to its investments in the United States.

"We hope that the U.S. government will provide us with a more liberal, equal and non-discriminatory investment environment," Liu said. "The fund is particularly focused on infrastructure."

The CIC's previous managing director, Deng Xuedong, had said in a January speech in Hong Kong that CIC wanted to reinvest some or all of its assets currently in U.S. Treasury securities, into an "infrastructure build" in the United States. Deng had estimated that a real renewal of the United States' economy's decrepit infrastructure would require a whopping investment of $8 trillion. Deng's remarks were carried at the time in the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong; and, according to Monday's New York Times, in a China government publication simply called The Paper.

The Times reported that CIC currently has $90 billion invested in United States, "mostly in the financial markets." This refers primarily to $60 billion in U.S. Treasuries.

Most of the Times article, unfortunately, concerns attempts or intents to block such investment by China, in Congress and by some in the Trump Administration.